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Custom Changes[edit]

List of all the changes can be found here.



Custom Classes
First class Second class (2-1) Second class (2-2) Trans Second class (2-1) Trans Second class (2-2)
Adept Viking Mystic Huskarl Arcane
Pirate Buccaneer Mercenary Captain Outlaw
Spearman Phalanx Draconier Centurion Dragoon
Samurai Ronin Daimyo Ronin Legend Shogun
Spiriter Esper Macabre Channeler Harvester
Expanded Custom Class
First Class Second class Trans Class
Necromancer Revenant Lich
Upcoming Classes
First Class Second class Trans Class
Wildseed Ulfur Druid
Asatro Valmeyjar Valkyrie
Official Classes
First class Second class (2-1) Second class (2-2) Trans Second class (2-1) Trans Second class (2-2)
Swordman Knight Crusader Lord Knight Paladin
Mage Wizard Sage High Wizard Professor
Merchant Blacksmith Alchemist Whitesmith Creator
Thief Assassin Rogue Assassin Cross Stalker
Acolyte Priest Monk High Priest Champion
Archer Hunter Bard / Dancer Sniper Clown / Gypsy
Expanded Official Classes
First class Second class (2-1 & 2-2) Trans Second Class
Taekwon Star Gladiator | Soul Linker Lodestar | Soul Weaver
Ninja Shinobi Nokizaru
Gunslinger Gunslinger 2nd Gunslinger Trans
Novice Super Novice Maximum Over Novice


Leveling Combat Exploration Crafting
Daily Rewards Weapon Mastery Critical Hit Overweight Items Enchanting (Runes) Mining
Bounty Boards Status Effects Inverse Def Movement Speed Waypoints & Warp Gates Forge Armor Recolor
Auto Events Elemental Table Hit / Flee Regen Treasure Hunting Forge Weapon Scroll Crafting
Floating Rates Split Elemental Damage Def / Mdef Cards Gunsmith Stone of Yore
Quests Break and Strip Aspd / Apm Maps Refining Dismantle
Inns Dispel Cast Time / Delay Clickable Bottles

Seasonal Events[edit]

Event Availability Details
New Years Treasure January 1st All Treasure from the Treasure Hunting will reset and can be collected again.
Lunar New Year February 1st ~ February 13th Dancing Dragons will spawn in towns, kill them for items and trade Red Envelopes for event items in Prontera.
Valentine February 1st ~ February 29th 11 Headgear Quest Available
Poring Day April 1st All monsters look like Poring and Floating Rates are set to maximum.
Easter April 1st ~ April 30th Quest Available

Easter Eggs Spawn in towns Eggs can be opened or traded for Items

May Fourth May 4th Special Weapons acquirable in the Event Room are stronger on this day.
Halloween October 1st ~ October 31st 30 Headgear Quest Available

Easy Map Access for Dragurrottin
Ectoplasm Pet Shop

Winter December 1st ~ January 31st A set of quest both one time and daily updated to obtain Snowflakes.

Snowflake shop to trade for rewards
9 Headgear Quests

End of Year Exp December 25th ~ December 31st The Floating Rates will treat it like a long weekend

Additional Content[edit]

Einherjar uses pre-RE as it's base, with many Custom Changes. Renewal content (episode 13.2+) is progressively being added and rebalanced to fit our environment.

Name Episode Recommended Level
Draugad Custom 50+
Neet Custom 35+
Culvert Instance Custom 35+
Tantale Isle Custom 50+
Zhakastia Custom 10+
Tortuga Custom 50+
Brasilis 13.2 90+
El Dicastes 13.3 90+
Mora 14.1 90+
Dewata 14.1 90+
Malangdo 14.1 90+
Byalan 6F 14.1 90+
Bio Lab 4 14.1 90+
Port Malaya 14.1 90+
Eclage 14.2 90+
Horror Toy Factory 14.2 90+
Nightmare Pyramid 14.2 90+
Old Glast Heim 14.2 85+


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Patch Notes[edit]

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