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Job Base: Ninja
Job Type: 2-1

Job Change[edit]

  1. Enter the building at amatsu149137
  2. Talk to the Shinobi Master que_ng2571
  3. Talk to the Young Boy amatsu121164
  4. Sneak past the Guards job_shinobi19327
  5. Pick up the Unsent Letter job_shinobi4234
  6. Return to the Shinobi Master que_ng2571

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
Shadow Slash.png Shadow Slash A combination of Shadow Jump and Mist Slash. Leap from the shadows to deal massive damage. Hits for (125+75*SkillLv*SkillLv)% ATK. 5 Active
Blaze Shield.png Blaze Shield Summon a firestorm in 5x5 cells around you, it deals damage until 4+SkillLv/2(rounded up) hits have been dealt or it expires. 10 Active
Watery Evasion.png Watery Evasion Creates a puddle of water on the ground that reduces the movement speed of all enemies and decreases their AGI except Ninjas. Aqua Benedicta and Water Ball may be used in this puddle, also Lightning Spear of Ice will do 20% additional damage. 10 Active
Lightning Jolt.png Lightning Jolt Summon lightning to strike enemies in a 7x7 area around you skillLv times dealing (100+50*SkillLv)% MATK as wind element magic damage. If target is frozen the 1st hit deals (150*SkilLLv)% MATK. 5 Active
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image When cast, the player iwll turn blueish color and Ninja Soul will be released. Creates a mirror image that will enable the caster to dodge a number of Melee and Ranged physical attacks. Does not protect from Magic. 10 Active
Body Double.png Body Double Creates a Shinobi clone. The clone has HP and will disappear once HP is consumed or the time expires. 5 Active
Exploding Dragon.png Exploding Dragon Summon a fire dragon that attacks the enemy three times and causes MATK+(150+150*SkillLv)% splash damage in the 5x5 cells around the target. Deals and additional(250*SkillLv)% damage against Burning targets. 5 Active
Snow Flake Draft.png Snow Flake Draft Summons a large ice meteor that causes damage to all enemies within 7x7 cells of the caster, with a chance to freeze them. Damage is based on MATK. 5 Active
First Wind.png First Wind Summons the wrath of the wind t odestsroy everything on a line with a length of 4*SkillLv cells and a width of 5 cells from you into the direction of the targte. Deals+(100+150*SkillLv)% MATK based Wind element damage. 5 Active
Stealth React.png Stealth React An advanced Ninja technique that allows one to disappear instantly to avoid damage. It blocks 1+SkillLv/2 attacks and triggers Stealth for (1+SkillLv) seconds. Not all skill can be blocked including Magic attacks. 5 Active
Empty Shadow.png Empty Shadow Dispels the reflection effect from a target for a period of time. SKill attemps may fail while under the Empty Shadow effect. 5 Active
After Image.png After Image Gain +(10*SkillLv) Flee when breaking Stealth. 5 Active
Kagemusha.png Kagemusha Imbues Double Attack skill to a target for a period of time and increases the number of hits for Throw Kunai, Throw Shuriken, Throw Huuma Shuriken, Vanishing Slash and Shadow Slash 5 Active
Orinage.png Orinage When equipped with a Shuriken, occasionally throw it upon attacking or using any targetted skill. 1 Passive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level Type Quest
File:Shadow Swap.png Shadow Swap Swap positions with your Body Double pulling aggro and Stealthing if you have Stealth React active 1 Active Shadow Swap Quest

Job Bonuses[edit]

Stat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 5 16 25 35 45 48
AGI 1 2 8 9 11 21 31 41 44 46
INT 3 15 20 29 42 50
DEX 4 10 22 32 43 49
LUK 30 40