El Dicastes

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El Dicastes can be entered from two maps east and one south of the Midgard Camp Expedition Site during the Sapha's Visit quest.


Scaraba Dungeon[edit]

Requires Sapha's Visit for access (only step 8 needs to be completed).

Requires Doha's Secret Orders for access (only step 7 needs to be completed).

Purchase Scaraba Perfume from the Curious Sapha (dic_dun01 266, 113) then talk to the Dirty Vigilante (dic_dun0 284, 102).

Note: Monster stats are adjusted.


Name Description Obtainable from
1385.png Bradium Stone Hammer [0]
Hammer Fall stun chance increases by 5% and by 2% every refine.
Frede's Request
1191.png Alca Bringer [1]
Every refine: APM +1
Queen Scaraba
Gold Queen Scaraba
1196.png Chrome Metal 2H Sword [2]
AGI +3
MaxHP -10%
Queen Scaraba
Gold Queen Scaraba
1433.png Imperial Spear [2]
STR +1
MaxHP +3%
Thrust damage +10%
One-Horned Scaraba
Swift One-Horned Scaraba
Gold One-Horned Scaraba
16010.png Red Ether Bag [1]
MATK +100
Every Refine: +2% Crafting chance
Every Refine: Chance to gain Marine Sphere Bottle and Plant Bottle materials
Gold Rake Scaraba
Rake Scaraba
Furious Rake Scaraba
1930.png Green Whistle [1]
MATK +50
-10% Cast Time
-4% SP cost for every upgrade above 6
Antler Scaraba
Gold Antler Scaraba
Elusive Antler Scaraba
18103.png Mystic Bow [2]
INT +4
MATK +100
Cast random bolts when using Arrow Shower or Ricochet Arrow, increased with Refine.
Increases Arrow Shower damage with Refine.
Clown Alphoccio
Gypsy Trentini
Queen Scaraba
Gold Queen Scaraba
13061.png Black Wing [1]
Increases Double Attack damage by 15%
Every Refine above 5: MATK +4% and +5% Double Attack Damage
If equipped with 2747.png Black Cat: Hit+5, MATK+5%
Gold Two-Horned Scaraba
Two-Horned Scaraba
2399.png Dragon Vest [1]
If equipped with 2553.png Dragon Manteau: AGI +5, FLEE +15
Solid Draco
2553.png Dragon Manteau [1]
AGI +1
Frede's Request
2138.png Bradium Shield [1]
MaxHP +500
AGI -1
Shield Boomerang damage +60%
Bradium Golem
2153.png Imperial Guard [1]
MDEF +5%
Shield Bang damage +20%
For every refine above 6: Shield Bang damage +2%
Rake Scaraba Egg
Gold Rake Scaraba Egg
22174.png Scaraba High Heels [1]
MaxHP +2%
MaxSP +2%
If Refine 5: MaxHP +4%, MaxSP +4%
If Refine 7: MaxHP +4%, MaxSP +4%
If equipped with 1746.png Elven Bow: Autocast Arrow Vulcan when using Double Strafe. Autocast Throw Arrow when using Arrow Shower. Autocast Throw Arrow when attacking. Increases damage of Arrow Vulcan and Throw Arrow by Refine%.
If equipped with 16003.png Carga Mace: MaxSP +100xMace Refine, Heal Power +25%, INT +Mace Refine.
If equipped with 1287.png Durga: Meteor Assault Delay and Cast Time -3*Refine%, Meteor Assault damage +Refine%, If Durga is +8 or higher, double these bonuses.
If equipped with 1649.png Laphine Staff: Increases magic damage to Non-Boss by Shoes Refine% and INT +Staff Refine.
Gold Queen Scaraba
2788.png Bradium Earring [1]
MATK +2%
INT +1
DEX +1
Frede's Request
2789.png Bradium Ring [1]
STR +1
VIT +1
ATK +2%
Frede's Request
Dolomedes Ringleader
2790.png Bradium Brooch [1]
AGI +1
APM +2%
Frede's Request