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The Pirate is one of the custom 1st classes on Einherjar. It's role is somewhere between a Swordy and a Thief, with steal and ranged attack options. A Pirate's weapon is either Sword/Pistol combo, Dagger/Pistol combo or Pistol dualweilding. It get's it's attack-bonus from str, dex and luck, a bit modified compared to other classes due the Melee/ranged combo and Skill-crits.

Unique to very few classes, most Pirate Skills can crit and so do double or more damage while completely ignoring the Opponents hard def. Its Skills "Pirate Jinx" and "Luck of the Sea" enhance and boost this feature even more.

Pirates can travel to Tortuga and Zhakastia, where they will find other pirates who can offer services and sell items useful to them, including pistols and bullets. See Tantale, Tortuga and Zhakastia Access.

Job Changing[edit]

Head to Middle Ship in Alberta Port (192, 158)
Go into the Bow of the ship and speak to the Pirate Guildsman

At job level 40 Pirate can change into Buccaneer or Mercenary.

Class data[edit]


Non-Pistol + Pistol Combos have a special base attack calculation

  • atk = ((str * 4) + (dex * 2) + luk) / 4
  • batk = atk/10
  • Final Atk = atk + batk*batk + (dex + luk)/5

this means building raw STR isn't optimal


Skill Description Levels Type
Luck of The Sea Increase Flee and Crit 5 Passive
Steal Steal an item from monster. Affected monster may still drop the stolen item normally. DEX stats affect the success rate 10 Active
Knothole Strike Strikes the target at a weak point with a charged attack. Receives double effect from Pirate Jinx 10 Active
Air Slash Disrupts air currents with the equipped sword, sending a wave of energy at the target. After Casting weapon becomes endowed with Wind for 120 seconds 5 Active
Pistol Whip Assaults the target with the butt of the gun. Has a chance to stun the target 5 Active
Bullet Burst Fires three bullets at the target dealing (50 + 7*SkillLV) per shot 10 Active
Pirate Jinx Skills can Crit scaling with Crit chance dealing (15 * SkillLV)% Additional Damage, this scaling increases with Crit Damage effects 10 Passive
Pieces of Eight When Killing a monster there is a chance they will drop coins, coins can be sold for zeny or used in the pirate town of Tortuga 1 Passive
Bullet Time Requires a Pistol, Increase attack range with Dualweild Pistols by 5 + (1+SkillLV) / 2 cells and ranged Skill attack Range by (SkillLV) cells. 5 Passive

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Quest
Eye Patch Increase Hit by 10 and Blind Resistance by 25% 1 Passive Eye Patch Quest
Rum Empire Make your own Rum, all recipes require 1 Alcohol and 1 Empty Bottle 1 Passive Rum Empire Quest