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Job Changing[edit]

Head to Middle Ship in Alberta Port (192, 158)
Go into the Bow of the ship and speak to the Pirate guildsman

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Luck of The Sea Increase Flee and Crit 5 Passive
Steal Steal an item from monster. Affected monster may still drop the stolen item normally. DEX stats affect the success rate 10 Active
Knothole Strike Strikes the target at a weak point with a charged attack. Receives double effect from Pirate Jinx 10 Active
Air Slash Disrupts air currents with the equipped sword, sending a wave of energy at the target. After Casting weapon becomes endowed with Wind for 120 seconds 5 Active
Pistol Whip Assaults the target with the butt of the gun. Has a chance to stun the target 5 Active
Bullet Burst Fires three bullets at the target dealing (50 + 7*SkillLV) per shot 10 Active
Pirate Jinx Skills can Crit scaling with Crit chance dealing (15 * SkillLV)% Additional Damage, this scaling increases with Crit Damage effects 10 Passive
Pieces of Eight When Killing a monster there is a chance they will drop coins, coins can be sold for zeny or used in the pirate town of Tortuga 1 Passive
Bullet Time Requires a Pistol, Increase attack range by 5 + (1+SkillLV) / 2 but making attacks consume ammo, Increasing damage of ranged Gun Skills by (SkillLV * 10)%, but reducing damage of Sword Skills by (50 - (SkillLV * 5))% 5 Active

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Quest
Eye Patch Increase Hit by 10 and Blind Resistance by 25% 1 Passive Eye Patch Quest
Rum Empire Make your own Rum, all recipes require 1 Alcohol and 1 Empty Bottle 1 Passive Rum Empire Quest