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The Samurai is a melee DPS class that has a lot of versatility due to it having both an AoE mobbing skill (Wild Swing, 2-handed sword only), a high damage single-target skill (Dual Slashes, 1-handed sword only), access to changing elements without changing its weapon (Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Blade), and access to self-sustain (Heal Wounds). However, despite Samurai having all of these tools at their disposal, they don't have much in the way of SP at all early on. With that being the case, they don't play much different from other melee classes early on, and place more of a focus on AGI early as opposed to STR in order to flee their targets, especially if they're killing mobs one at a time.

Mobbing is plausible with Samurai, but it either costs a lot of zeny (potions to keep HP high, as you don't want to use SP for Heal Wounds with such a low SP pool), or you need to have already farmed cards that help with your sustain (Hell Poodle cards or Snowier cards). Another option is using various headgears and Ornaments (specifically Aegis with its +MaxSP enchantment) to increase your SP pool to be able to sustain yourself more, and use your offensive abilities more.

As a Samurai, you have two paths to choose from once you reach Job 40 or higher. You can either choose to be a Ronin, which is focused on speedy 1-handed sword techniques, or a Daimyo, which utilizes the strength and weight of 2-handed swords.

Job Changing[edit]

1) Talk to the citizen in Prontera (138, 171)
2) Go into the weapon shop of Prontera
3) Talk to the Elder to become a Samurai

At job level 40 Samurai can change into Ronin or Daimyo.

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Sword Mastery Increases damage with One-Handed Sword and Dagger class weapons by (4*SkillLV). 10 Passive
Two-Handed Sword Mastery Increases damage with Two-Handed Sword class weapons by (4*SkillLV). 10 Passive
Discipline Trains the body to exert more strength. Increases STR by (SkillLV). 10 Passive
Dual Slashes The user slashes the foe at great speeds, hitting them twice for (75+(SkillLV*10))% damage per slash. 10 Active
Wild Swing The user swings their sword at high velocity, striking the target and anything else in range for (100+(SkillLV*10))% damage. 10 Active
Heal Wound The user applies advanced first-aid skills to heal their own wounds. Heals ((SkillLV*25) + 1% Per Vit) HP. Cures Bleeding. 10 Active
Sprint The user forces themselves to move quickly for (5*SkillLV). 3 Active
Brace Decreases the ATK of ranged attacks against the caster by ( 5+15*SkillLV)% but also lowers ASPD by (25-5*SkillLV)% and walking speed by 1/3 while active. 3 Active

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Type Quest
Fire Blade Enchants the weapon with the glory of the rising sun. Weapon element is changed to fire for 60 minutes. Consumes 1 Red Blood. Active Fire Blade Quest
Ice Blade Enchants the weapon with the serenity of the calming ocean. Weapon element is changed to water for 60 minutes. Consumes 1 Crystal Blue. Active Ice Blade Quest
Earth Blade Enchants the weapon with the blessing of the mother earth. Weapon element is changed to Earth for 60 minutes. Consumes 1 Green Live. Active Earth Blade Quest
Thunder Blade Enchants the weapon with the power of the great sky. Weapon is changed to Wind element for 60 minutes. Consumes 1 Wind of Verdure Active Thunder Blade Quest