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Mercenaries can duel wield pistols(do not confuse with Gunslinger's Revolvers) to attack from range. This means they can also use 1 pistol with a shield.

Job changing[edit]

Enter the Lightalzen airport Talk to Brandon Heat to become a Mercenary lhz_airport (192 38)

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Precision Increase Hit 5 Passive
Headshot Lowers target's INT 5 Offensive
Armshot Lowers target's ASPD 5 Offensive
Legshot Lowers target's Movement speed 5 Offensive
Quickshot Increases own Movement Speed 5 Offensive
Dark Filament Blinds target at a chance 5 Offensive
Arcane Barrage Toggle increases max ASPD cap to 192 but reduce Base Atk by 25%, drains 1 Sp every second. 1 Supportive
Zero In Takes time to aim dealing 1500% damage. Cast time and SP cost decrease with higher skill level 3 Offensive
Killer Instinct Damage increasing with every 1% Hp target is missing. Can Crit for 2x damage. 5 Offensive
Death Mark Marks a target increasing all damage to them for 6 seconds then detonates dealing damage increasing with damage taken by monster while mark was active, the damage dealt ignores all resistances. 5 Offensive
Bullet Barrage Fires 10 shots overheating the gun, preventing you from attacking for a moment 5 Offensive
Collateral Damage Hits a large area around the target, knocking them and yourself back 5 Offensive
Needle Shot Shoots a needle, damage increases with LUK. 5 Offensive
Aim Bot Target a monster turning Armshot, Legshot and Headshot into combo skills that can be cast freely at the target at (10*SkillLv) reduced SP cost. Leveling significantly lowers cooldown and SP cost. 5 Offensive

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
Black Powder Throws Explosive Powder on target lowering their HIT by 25% and increasing Fire damage 1 Offensive ? Talk to NPC inside the boat in Alberta
Bounty Similar to Taekwon Mission. Every bounty completed gives 2500 zeny, increasing by 25 per, capped at 12500 before rank bonus. Increases ATK by 1, capped at 100 before rank bonus. Increasing up to 250 points by (Points/Rank/5). When a bounty is completed, cast the bounty skill. If you don't the kills do not register for the bounty. 1 Supportive ? Talk to NPC inside the boat in Alberta