Seasonal Events

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New Years Treasure[edit]

On January 1st at 00:00 All Treasure from the Treasure Hunting will reset and can be collected again.


During February a bunch of custom quest open up.
More can be found here.

Poring Day[edit]

On April 1st All monsters look like Poring and Floating Rates are set to maximum.
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During April the Easter Bunny payon_mem74124 will be asking players to collect Easter eggs in most towns and exchange them for 5 points each which they can spend on Gear in the Easter Bunny's shop. Alternatively you can open the Easter eggs for random consumable goodies and 2 hats only available in the Easter Eggs, all players in the party are guaranteed 1 Easter egg for each found while they are on the same map.
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During October numerous NPCs give quests for headgear. Most quest are costume headgear. The maps are open all year long but only during October can you do the headgear quest.
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Event available in Prontera. A set of quest both one time and daily updated to obtain Snowflakes. Rewards cost a certain number of Snowflakes. The event takes place from December 1st to January 31st.
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End of Year Exp[edit]

From December 25th 00:00 till January 1st 00:00 The Floating Rates will treat it like a long weekend