From Project Einherjar

Base 99 HP Increased from 3254 -> 4056

Link now bypasses Mirror Magic

Meteor Storm interval reduced from 750 -> 550

Meteor Storm meteor count increased from (4+SkillLv)/2 -> (1+SkillLv)

Jupiter Thunder deals +25% damage against frozen targets

Lord of Vermillion blind chance increased from (4*SkillLv) -> (6*SkillLv)

Lord of Vermillion total damage increased from (400+80*SkillLv) -> (400+120*SkillLv)

Each Stormgust Hit that doesn't Freeze Increases Freeze Chance by 5% and damage by (SkillLv)% up to 250 times, doesn't reset between cast

Storm Gust damage changed from (100+40*SkillLv)% -> (100+40*SkillLv+(SkillLv*Non Freeze Hits))%

Stormgust 3rd hit and above Freeze chance lowered from 150% -> 110%

Earth Spike damage increased from (100*SkillLv)% -> (175*SkillLv)%

Heaven Driver damage increased from (100*SkillLv)% -> (175*SkillLv)%

Gravitation no longer prevents caster from dealing damage other then autocast and gravitation itself

Gravitation now prevents movement of targets as well as caster

Gravitation can now be cast on top of caster

Gravitation now hit 2x per second

Gravitation now has a (10*SkillLv)% Matk Scaling

Quagmire no longer removes True Sight or Loud Exclamation

Gravitation Field no longer requires Blue Gemstone

Sight Thrasher now hits Hidden

Sight Thrasher no longer hits Traps

Sight Thrasher now reveals hidden in area of effect

Napalm Vulcan damage increase with Soul Strike Level against undead