Lord Knight

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Job Base: Knight
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent

Job Change[edit]

Talk to the Lord Knight in Valhalla as a Job 50 High Swordsman.

Class Data[edit]

Skill Changes[edit]

Spiral Pierce[edit]

  • Now gains (Spear Attack * SkillLv / 10)% Atk


  • Def reduction changed from (5*SkillLv)% -> 15%


  • Duration increased from (10+5*SkillLv) -> (30+15*SkillLv) Seconds
  • SP cost reduced from 50 -> (52-2*SkillLv)

Aura Blade[edit]

  • Now increased weapon atk by (10*SkilLLv)%, min of (5*SkillLv) max of (20*SkillLv)
  • Duration increased from (20+20*SkillLv) -> 120 Seconds
  • SP cost reduced from (10+8*SkillLv) -> 30

Job Bonuses[edit]