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Phalanx poke things with sticks.

Job changing[edit]

Phalanx change from Spearman by doing a slightly edited Royal Guard quest. It is going to change a bit to make it easier. prt_castle (48 161)

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Shield Mastery Increases effects of shield based skills, Also increase DEF by SkillLV at cost of 2 Flee per SkillLV. 5 Passive
Legion Increases HP and ATK per Phalanx / Centurion in party. 5 Offensive
Reflect Shield Returns some damage dealt to you back to the enemy. Melee attacks only. Reflected Damage increasing with Shield DEF. Requires an equipped shield and ignores size modifications. 5 Passive
Javelin Toss Throw a Javelin at a distance. 10 Offensive
Spear Quicken Increases ASPD of spear type weapons. 5 Supportive
Skewer Strike Delivers a full power strike with a Spear. Suffers 20% lower accuracy but ignores DEF cards. 10 Offensive
Spear Training Increases damage done with a Spears. And adds effects to sever Spear skills. 5 Passive
Shield Bang Bashes your Spear against your Shield. Damaging and Stunning those around. 10 Offensive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Skill Description Type Quest
Shield Resonance Increase Def Gained from Shields by 50% and Gain M.Def Equal to Shields Base Def. Passive ...