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Job Base: Spearman
Job Type: 2-1

Phalanx is one of the tankiest Class in the game right now.
It has a very high HP Pool and a good mix of skills like "Auto Guard", "Spear Quicken" and he has a "Reflect Shield" passive.

Job Change[edit]

Phalanx change from Spearman by doing a slightly edited Royal Guard quest. It is going to change a bit to make it easier.

  1. Talk to The Valorous Phalanx at prt_castle48161.
  2. Speak with Undaunted Phalanx at prt_castle11240.
  3. You are teleported into an instance with enemies. Power Drive lvl 10 is highly recommended.
  4. Speak with Undaunted Phalanx again prt_castle11240.
  5. Speak to The Valorous Phalanx prt_castle11240.
  6. Hunt down a Medusa (Comodo, Beach Dungeon West) and bring her hair back to The Valorous Phalanx.
  7. Speak to The Valorous Phalanx prt_castle11240 to change jobs and rewarded some great starter gear for Phalanx.

  8. Changing jobs at level 50 awards:

    -Imperial Spear [2]

    -Shield [1]

    -Reissue Schmitz Helm [1]

    If not Job 50:



    Class Data[edit]


    Name Description Max Level Type
    Reflect Shield.png Reflect Shield Deals a flat (SkillLv * 5 + ((Shield Mastery * 2) + (Shield Def * (Shield Refine + SkillLv)) + Armor Defense + Armor Refine)) * SkillLv / 2) damage to attackers. Increases by (Def + Vit Def) * (SkillLv * Shield Def) / 50 and doubled under Impenetrable Shell 5 Passive
    Shield Mastery.png Shield Mastery Increases effects of shield based skills, Also increase DEF by SkillLV at cost of 2 Flee per SkillLV. 5 Passive
    Auto Guard.png Auto Guard Gives you the ability to completely block attacks. Requires an equipped Shield. 10 Supportive
    Legion.png Legion Increases HP by (40*SkillLv). Increased by an additional (30*SkillLv) for each party member. 5 Passive
    Javelin Toss.png Javelin Toss Throw a Javelin at a distance. Dealing (50*SkillLv)% + (Spear Weight * SkillLv) damage. Deals an additional 10 damage per cell. 5 Offensive
    Shield Bang.png Shield Bang Bashes your Spear against your Shield. Damaging and Stunning those around. When stunning a target, restore SP increased by Shield Resonance 5 Offensive
    Spear Quicken.png Spear Quicken Increases Apm of spear type weapons by (20+SkillLV)%. 5 Supportive
    Skewer Strike.png Skewer Strike Delivers a full power strike with a Spear. Deals (100+30*SkillLv)% ATK Damage. Deals (10*SkillLv + ( Spear Weight * SkillLv/10) bonus Flat damage. Can CRIT doubling all Flat damage modifiers and dealing bonus damage scaling with Spear Quicken 10 Offensive
    Spear Training.png Spear Training Increases Power of Spear skills. 5 Passive
    Soul Link.png Soul Link Instinct Spear will cast level learned instead of a random level. 1 Linked

    Platinum Skills[edit]

    Name Description Max Level Type Quest
    Shield Resonance.png Shield Resonance Increase Def Gained from Shields by 50% and Gain M.Def Equal to Shields Base Def. 5 Passive Shield Resonance Quest

    Job Bonuses[edit]

    Stat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
    STR 2 3 4 8 10 14 15 18
    VIT 23 24 28 31 33 36 38 40 42 44 45 47
    INT 11 12 19 22 27
    DEX 16 20 26 30 34


    Equip Attack Speed
    Bare Handed 150
    Dagger -10
    1H Sword -40
    1H Spear -5
    2H Spear -15