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Phalanx poke things with sticks.

Job changing[edit]

Phalanx change from Spearman by doing a slightly edited Royal Guard quest. It is going to change a bit to make it easier.

NPC: prt_castle (48 161)

Items: 100 x Tough Scalelike Stem (you can farm it in the map below Aldebaran)

come back to the npc and talk to him.

go to Glast Heim Churchyard and talk to "Delicate trace" in the ground,the most times they will give you a "stone", but you need to try a diferent one until give you a "Saint's Clothing Piece".

Come back to the npc in prontera Castle, He will give you a King's Shield.

Now need to come back to glast heim but outside the church.

Memory of King Schmidtz.jpg
Memory of King Schmidtz Map.png

Just talk to Memory of King Schmidtz and change your job to Phalanx

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Shield Mastery Increases effects of shield based skills, Also increase DEF by SkillLV at cost of 2 Flee per SkillLV. 5 Passive
Legion Increases HP and ATK per Phalanx / Centurion in party. 5 Offensive
Reflect Shield Returns some damage dealt to you back to the enemy. Melee attacks only. Reflected Damage increasing with Shield DEF. Requires an equipped shield and ignores size modifications. 5 Passive
Javelin Toss Throw a Javelin at a distance. 10 Offensive
Spear Quicken Increases ASPD of spear type weapons. 5 Supportive
Skewer Strike Delivers a full power strike with a Spear. Suffers 20% lower accuracy but ignores DEF cards. 10 Offensive
Spear Training Increases damage done with a Spears. And adds effects to sever Spear skills. 5 Passive
Shield Bang Bashes your Spear against your Shield. Damaging and Stunning those around. 10 Offensive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Skill Description Type Quest
Shield Resonance Increase Def Gained from Shields by 50% and Gain M.Def Equal to Shields Base Def. Passive ...