Def / Mdef

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Experimental Changes[edit]

These changes are Experimental and can be changes or event reverted at any given time.


  • Remove Def cap of 99
  • Damage Formula changed from (Damage * (100 - Def) / 100) -> Damage*100/(100+(Def*(Def/20+1)))
  • Crafted bonuses will be applied before the Refine % def
  • Refine Increases Gear Def by 1.4% Per safe refine and 2.4% for each refine after (Max 100%)
  • Refine Reduces Incoming Damage by 0.40% per safe refine and 0.90% for each refine after (Max 35%)


  • Remove Mdef cap of 99
  • Damage Formula changed from (Damage * (100 - Mdef) / 100) -> Damage*100/(100+(Mdef*(Mdef/20+1)))
  • Ignoring Mdef now ignores Int Mdef

Knock Down Effects[edit]

  • Buffs Def/Mdef below 80
  • Nerfs Def/Mdef above 80
  • Increase Value of damage reduction
  • Def/Mdef Ignoring skills are more powerful, ie Misc Skills
  • Def/Mdef Reduction is more Valuable, provoke etc
  • Crits are more valuable against targets with less then 80 def
  • Non Crit Attacks/Skills are slightly weaker (added Def/Mdef Ignore to Onslaught, Mystical and Ranged Mastery to compensate)


Damage New Vs Old
Damage Difference New Vs Old
Damage Reducution New Vs Old