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Removed Skills[edit]

  • Smith Dagger
  • Smith Sword
  • Smith Two-Handed Sword
  • Smith Axe
  • Smith Mace
  • Smith Brass Knuckle
  • Smith Spear

Removed all these repetitive skills in favor of adding in a single skill for crafting.

Skill Changes[edit]

  • Cart Terminal
  • Maximum over Thrust
  • Weapon refining

Reduce Zeny cost by 50% due to the removal of Merchants overchange. Weapon and Armor refining have modified chances, more info in Refining.

New Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Forge Weapon Allows for the crafting of weapons, each level unlocks new weapon types and weapon levels 10 Passive
Forge Armor Allows for the crafting of armor, each level unlocks new armor types to craft. 10 Passive
Gunsmith Allows Blacksmith to forge Guns (Currently unavailable in game) 3 Platinum

New Whitesmith Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Refine Armor Allows Whitesmith to refine an armor up to Skill Level 10 Passive
Dismantle Allows for the breaking down of gear into some of its core components, Currently unavailable in game. 1 Platinum