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Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Stone Skin This skill can only be used with Two-Handed Axes. After a period of charging, slams the axe blade into the target. Additionally, there is a chance to stun the target. 5 Passive
Iron Blood Increase HP by 1 per armor weight. 1 Passive
Come At Me Applies Level of Provoke know to all targets in a small Area. 5 Supportive
Stand Behind Leap to Ally increasing their Def and M.Def by 3 + (SkillLV * 2)% of your Def/M.Def. 5 Supportive
Giant Growth Increase Max HP. 5 Supportive
Impenetrable Shell Gain 25 + 100% Def and M.Def for 7 seconds, but can not walk. Nullifies all other Def and M.Def Status Effects, Except Berserk and Steel Body. 1 Supportive
Instinct Spear Small chance to auto cast a random Spear/Shield Skill already learned when attacking. 1 Passive