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Talk to the Sailor in the northeast of the Alberta docks (alberta 212, 202). He will take you to Dewata for 10,000 Zeny.


Dewata Legend Quest

Traditional Weapon Quest

Help Out the Old Man

Monster changes[edit]

All the monsters have been made stronger than they were in Renewal.

Rafflesia Arnoldi

Added Maneater Root (30%)

Added Deadly Noxious Herb (0.5%)

Removed Clover (1.25%)

Removed Romantic Flower (0.5%)


Added Prickly Fruit (30%)

Added Amethyst (0.5%)


Added Tongue (30%)

Added Aloevera (0.5%)

Removed Meat (4.5%)


Added Immortal Heart (30%)

Removed Elunium chance lowered from (7.5%) to (1.5%)

Removed Fire Arrow (5%)


Added Animal Gore (1.5%)

Added Karvodailnirol (0.5%)

Leak (MVP)

Added Life Link[1] (2.5%)

Added Fantastic Cooking Kit (17.5%)

Removed Rare Rough Runestone (17.5%)

Removed Honey (25%)

Custom Items[edit]

Name Type Effect Source
Keris[2] Lv4 Dagger Enchantable. 117 Attack. MATK +33. Increases Long Range damage by Refine%. Increases Shadow Slash damage by 25% Traditional Weapon Quest
Jaty Crown Upper +10% Physical damage done to Brute and -10% damage taken from Brute Dewata Legend Quest
Tidung[1] Armor MDEF +10. +5% resistance to all elements. +35% Resistance to Curse and Blind Leak Drop
Dragonhide Shield[1] Shield MDEF +5. +10% Wind, Earth, Poison and Holy resistance. If Refine is 8 or higher: +10% Wind, Earth, Poison and Holy resistance Comodo drop 0.01%(x15 from Elusive)
Vine Spear[1] Lv4 1h Spear Increases Draconian Savagery damage by Refine *3. Increases Brandish Spear damage by Refine *8. Removes Brandish Spear cast time. Alnoldi drop 0.01%(x15 from Swift)
Crown of Sahasrara[1] Upper APM +5%. Cast Time -5%. Cast Delay -5%, SP Cost -5%. If Refined to +8 or higher +90 ATK and +70 MATK Banaspaty drop 0.01%(x15 from Solid)
Comodo Card Armor Def +5, Flee -10 Comodo 0.10%

Keris Possible Enchants[edit]

Slot 3 Slot 4
ATK +1% STR +3
ATK +2% STR +4
ATK +3% STR +5
MATK +1% INT +3
MATK +2% INT +4
MATK +3% INT +5