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List of all the features and changes.

Weapon Mastery[edit]

Using a certain type of weapon grant several passive bonus. See Weapon Mastery

Def & Mdef[edit]

Formula changes (Experimental). Main article: Def / Mdef

ASPD, Attack Delay, Apm[edit]

Changes on the effects of Aspd and the UI display. Main article: Aspd / Apm

Status Effects[edit]

Changes on status effect and new ones added. Main article: Status Effects

Cast Time[edit]

To reach instant cast you need 160 Dex.

Item Drop Rate[edit]

Item drop rate is increased by Luk. Every 5 Luk adds a 1% Relative Chance.

A character with 50 Luk will have the drop rate increased by 10%. If, for example, this character hunts for an item with a drop rate of .10%, it will be increased to .11%.

Brewing & Crafting[edit]

The outcome of crafting is set to x2 for all crafting but Weapon & Armor forging, Arrow Crafting.

Works for:

  • Alchemy Skill (all the potions and bottles).
  • Aqua Benedicta Skill (also works for Aqua Benedicta on Evil Land to craft Cursed Water).
  • Blacksmiths Iron & Steel Tempering, Enchant Stone Craft (for elements, Gold & Mithril ore).
  • Create Deadly Poison.
  • Create Elemental Converter.
  • Cooking.


  • Healer at Prontera Fountain. Grants Agi & Bless for 20 min.
  • Warp Gate (see Waypoints & Warp Gates).
  • Inn NPC. Using the Inn grants an exp bonus for 1 hour with a 2 hours cooldown to reuse.
  • Card Remover at Prontera Blacksmith Shop.
  • Daily Rewards inside the building Southwest from Prontera's Fountain.
  • Reset Girl inside the building Southwest of Prontera's Fountain.
  • Platinum Skill NPC inside the building Southwest of Prontera's Fountain.
  • Recolorist. Recolors certain headgear. Center of Prontera.
  • Costume Clown. Convert headgear into costumes. center of Prontera.
  • Bounty Boards. Missions to hunt monster for a really good experience reward, a card or extra zeny (only if character is 90/70).



List of cards that have an additional effect beside the original.

Card Added Effect
Earth Petite To Draconier class: Increase physical damage to non Earth element monsters by 5%
Sky Petite To Draconier class: Reduces damage taken from Water attacks by 20%
Gold Acidus To Draconier class: Receive compounded bonus beyond 4. Reduces damage taken from Wind attacks by 20%
Blue Acidus To Draconier class: Receive compounded bonus beyond 4. Increase damage to non Water element monster by 5%
Red Ferus To Draconier class: Increase damage to non Fire monster by 5%
Green Ferus To Draconier class: Reduces damage taken from Earth attacks by 20%
Draco To Draconier class: Decrease damage taken from Dark monster by 20%. Increase damage dealt to non Dark monster by 5%
Detardeurus To Draconier class: MDEF +20 Instead
Mutant Dragonoid To Draconier class: Add the chance to auto casting Level 3 Fire Ball on when hitting with Dragons (Fire) Mantle
Hydrolancer To Draconier class: Increase damage of Elemental Weakness by 25% and decrease Elemental Weakness SP cost by 25%
Banshee To Necromancer class: Max SP +100, Max HP -100. Increase damage of Soul Strike and Soul Harvest by 20%
Flame Skull Lich's Staff Set: Add 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Raise Dead when the user is attacked. If the user has Raise Dead, it will cast it at the user level already learned
Orc Zombie To Necromancer class: +35 Matk
Zombie To Necromancer class: Increase Recovery to 66%, +35 Matk
Pirate Skel To Necromancer class: Int +1.
To Pirate class: Increase Damage with Sword + Pistol's Pistol Shoot by 15%, Increase Damage with Needle Shot by 15%
Necromancer Lich's Staff Set: Increase damage and SP cost of Spirit Rupture. Lower cast time of Spirit Rupture by 10%.
To Necromancer class: Atk & Matk +50
Dragon Egg To Draconier class: Increase Vit base on Draconier's Instinct skill level
Sky Deleter To Draconier class: Enables natural HP regeneration. Increase damage to non Wind element monsters by 5%
Earth Deleter To Draconier class: Enables natural SP regeneration. Reduces damage taken from Fire attacks by 20%