Assassin Cross

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Assassin Cross.png


Job Base: Assassin
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent

Job Change[edit]

Talk to the Assassin Cross in Valhalla as a Job 50 High Thief.

Class Data[edit]

Skill Changes[edit]

Enchant Deadly Poison[edit]

  • Bonus damage reduced from (50+50*SkillLv)% -> (40*SkillLv)%
  • Duration increased from (35+5*SkillLv) -> 30*(SkillLv+1) Seconds
  • Stacks with Poison, applies with Venom Knife, Venom Splasher, Envenom, Grimtooth and Sonic Blow.
  • Deadly Poison chance is now applied on Grimtooth
  • Deadly Poison chance is now applied on Sonic Blow, once per hit when using a Katar
  • Initial damage is now poison property, capped at 99999 and at 1% for MVP

Job Bonuses[edit]