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Job Change[edit]

  1. Make your way to Einbroch que_ng152167 via Airplane or Warp Gate) and talk to Master Miller
  2. Gather the following items: 3x 914.png Fluff, 3x 912.png Zargon, 3x 1013.png Rainbow Shell, 10x 935.png Shell, 3x 511.png Green Herb, 1x 1019.png Trunk and 1x 519.png Milk
  3. Go to Payon payon18465 and talk to The Wise Bull Horn a few times until he takes the Milk
  4. Go back to Master Miller in Einbroch que_ng152167 and congratulations on becoming a Gunslinger

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
Coin Flip.png Coin Flip Throw a Coin at a target dealing 110% piercing damage gaining a stack. Each coin stack increases your damage by 2% up to 10 stacks. 5 Supportive
Snake Eyes.png Snake Eyes Rifle: Increases skill damage by (SkilLLv)% per cell over 5. 10 Passive
Rapid Shower.png Rapid Shower Revolver: Shoot 3 bullets inflicting (100+40*SkilLLv)% damage. 10 Active
Disarm.png Disarm Revolver & Rifle: When used on monsters: reduces their Attack by 25%. Strips weapon from players instead. 5 Active
Dust.png Dust Shotgun: Inflictgs 100+50*SkilLv damage, knocking back the target by 5 cells. If they hit a wall or are knockback immune, they take additional damage. 10 Active
Bull's Eye.png Bull's Eye Rifle: Inflicts 800% damage to Demi-Human and Brute and 200% to others. 1 Active
Chain Action.png Chain Action Revolver: Enables a chance of firing twice. 10 Passive
Cracker.png Cracker Fire attempting to stun at a (125-5*Distance)% chance. The less distance, higher the chance and longer duration. 1 Active
Piercing Shot.png Piercing Shot Revolver & Rifle: Deal (100+20*SkilLv)% damage ignoring (2*SkilLv) DEF. Chance to inflict Bleeding. 5 Active

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level How to obtain
Firearms Training.png Firearms Training Learn the quirks of each gun type. 1 Platinum NPC
Magical Bullet.png Magical Bullet While active, shots no longer consume ammo, instead consume 2 SP. Increases SP cost by 25% and damage done is converted into magic. 1 Magical Bullet Quest

Job Bonuses[edit]

Stat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6