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During October numerous NPCs give quests for headgear. Most quest are costume headgear. The maps are open all year long but only during October can you do the headgear quest. The entrance to the map Draugadrottinn is located somewhere in Niflheim.

Custom Cards[edit]

Item Effect Location
Dark Hollow Card Decrease damage received from Shadow element attacks by 5, Gain Perfect Hiding, Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Cloaking on the user when the user receives Physical Damage, If you equip this without learning Level 3 Cloaking or higher, it only activates when you are next to the wall Garment
Darkring Card Atk + 1% Headgear
Deviring Card STR+1, Adds 10% tolerance to Blind Headgear
Halloween Beholder Card Reduce cast time by 5% Accessory
Hallowring Card Whenever you take a Physical Damage, small chance to cause Sleep status ailment to every enemies in the screen. This chance is increased depending on the refinement rate of this weapon Armor
Lycan Card Atk +15. Reduces after attack delay by 7 Weapon
Pumpkinring Card Increase Healing with Pumpkin by 100% Accessory
Soul Taker Card 6% chance to drain 3% of damage as SP Garment
Lost Card Increase magic damage against Dark monsters by 10 Garment

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