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Job Change[edit]

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
Throwing mastery.png Throwing Mastery Increases Throw Shriken skill damage by +3*SkillLv. Increases ATK by (3*SkillLv)%+(2*SkillLv) and Hit by (SkillLv). When using a Huuma Shuriken, increases the damage of Throw Shuriken and Throw Kunai by (3*SkillLv)%+(2*SkillLv) and increases MATK by (3*SkillLv)%+(2*SkillLv) when wearing a Kunai. 5 Passive
Flip tatami.png Flip Tatami Flip tatami in 4 directions, knocking nearby enemies back and blocking ranged attacks for 3 seconds. When hit by the skill, the enemies are knocked back 5 cells and take (100+10*SkillLv)% ATK damage. The area affected increases with higher levels of the skill and only a person in line with these takes damage. The ranged attack blocking is like Pneuma of 1 tile centered on the caster. If the caster moves, this effect disappears. 5 Active
Ninja mastery.png Ninja Mastery Recovers (Maximum SP/500+3)*SkillLv SP per 10 seconds when standing still and increases the efficiency of SP recovering items by +2% per SkillLv. 10 Passive
Throw shuriken.png Throw Shuriken Throw a Shuriken at a target, dealing (100*SkillLv)% ATK physical damage to a target. 10 Active
Shadow leap.png Shadow Leap Instantly moves the caster to a targetted cell ignoring obstacles in the way. Can only be performed when the caster is hiding(attainable through Mist Slash). 5 Active
Ninja aura.png Ninja Aura Gather your inner spirit and prepare illusionary Shadow or Final Strike. Increases INT and STR by SkillLv. Consumes 80 HP at level 5. 5 Active
Flaming petals.png Flaming Petals Throw a burning petal at a single target, causing SkillLv number of hits with 100% MATK damage each. 10 Active
Freezing spear.png Freezing Spear Summon 2*SkillLv Ice Spears to damage the enemy. Each dealing 100% MATK damage, increased by 20% when cast from inside Watery Evasion. 10 Active
Wind blade.png Wind Blade Throw the blades of wind and deal (100+7*SkillLv)% wind elemental damage per hit. 10 Active
Throw kunai.png Throw Kunai Throw a Kunai at a target. Deals 300% ATk +100% MATK as phyisical damage to target. 1 Active
Haze slasher.png Haze Slasher Attack all targets in a 5x5 area around you dealing (100+10*SkillLv)% ATK and hiding afterwards. 10 Active
Throw huuma shuriken.png Throw Huuma Shuriken Throw a Huuma Shuriken that deals splash damage in a 3x3 area. The total amount of damage is divided among the targets. Damage is 150+150*SkillLv. Deals full damage to main target. In addition, there is a chance to autocast this skill with a Huuma Shuriken. 5 Active

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level Type Quest
Kunai Mark.png Kunai Mark Throwing a Kunai of a non-Neutral Element causes Magic of the same Element to ignore 25% MDEF before flat reduction for 60 seconds. 1 Passive Kunai Mark Quest

Job Bonuses[edit]

Stat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
AGI 1 2 11 21 31 41
INT 3 15 20 29 42 50
DEX 4 10 22 32 43 49
LUK 30 40