Bio Lab 4

From Project Einherjar


Name Description Obtainable from
1654.png Mental Stick [1]
A staff that channels Psychic energy.
MATK +20%
For every level learned of Psychic skills, gain 1% APM and reduces Divines Wrath and Psychic Massacre SP cost by 1%.
Pom Spider @ 0.09%
Celia @ 0.3%
1435.png Cannon Spear [1]
SP -100
Skewer Strike Damage +10%
Every Refine: Skewer Strike Damage +3%
16010.png Red Ether Bag [1]
MATK +100
Every Refine: +2% Crafting chance
Every Refine: Chance to gain Marine Sphere Bottle and Plant Bottle materials
Gold Rake Scaraba
Rake Scaraba
Furious Rake Scaraba
18111.png Creeper Bow [2]
DEX +1
Chance to auto-cast Lv1 Spider Web when attacking.
1659.png Light of Recovery [1]
MATK +160
Heal Power + 6*Refine%
Heal SP consumption increases based on Refine
Indestructible in battle
13061.png Black Wing [1]
Increases Double Attack damage by 15%
Every Refine above 5: MATK +4% and +5% Double Attack Damage
If equipped with 2747.png Black Cat: Hit+5, MATK+5%
Gold Two-Horn Scaraba
18109.png Catapult [2]
Increases Back Stab damage by 15*Refine%
Backstab SP consumption increases based on Refine
1930.png Green Whistle [1]
MATK +50
-10% Cast Time
-4% SP cost for every upgrade above 6
Antler Scaraba
Gold Antler Scaraba
Elusive Antler Scaraba
1984.png Stem Whip [1]
MATK +50
Cast Time -10%
Every Refine above 6: -4% SP Cost.
Dolomedes Ringleader
1490.png Giant Lance [0]
APM -10
When unequipped drains 600 SP
Adds a 10 seconds cooldown to Spiral Pierce
If STR at least 90: ATK +300 and decreases Spiral Pierce cooldown by 9 seconds.
Paladin Randel
1392.png Ygnus Stale [2]
Chance to inflict Burning when attacking
If equipped with 1393.png End Sektura: Loses Fire Element and increases Burning chance.
Creator Flamel
1393.png End Sektura [2]
Chance to inflict Freeze when attacking
If equipped with 1392.png Ygnus Stale: Loses Water Element and increases Freeze chance.
Creator Flamel
1584.png Chilly Spell Book [2]
DEX +1
MATK +160
Cold Bolt damage increased by 3*Refine%
Cold Bolt SP Cost increased by 3*Refine%
Indestructible in battle
Professor Celia
1813.png Kaiser Knuckle [0]
Increases damage vs Undead by 5%
Increases damage vs Earth, Water, Fire and Wind by 10%
Champion Chen
16017.png Bloody Cross [0]
Chance to cast Lv1 Hell Inferno when attacking, increased with Refine
Champion Chen
13069.png Aztec Nail [0]
MATK +80
Chance to inflict Freeze when attacking, increased with Refine.
Stalker Gertie
13070.png Scarletto Nail [0]
MATK +80
Chance to inflict Stone Curse when attacking, increased with Refine.
Stalker Gertie
1291.png Guillotine Katar [1]
DEX +2
Flee -30
Increases Physical Damage vs Demi Human by 50%
Increases Meteor Assault damage by 30%
Stalker Gertie
18103.png Mystic Bow [2]
INT +4
MATK +100
Cast random bolts when using Arrow Shower or Ricochet Arrow, increased with Refine.
Increases Arrow Shower damage with Refine.
Clown Alphoccio
Gypsy Trentini
Queen Scaraba
Gold Queen Scaraba
1290.png Agent Katar [1]
Increases HIT by 1 every 2 LUK
Clown Alphoccio
1913.png Electric Guitar [0]
Enables Lv1 Jupitel Thunder
INT +2
AGI +1
Clown Alphoccio
18110.png Giant Crossbow [2]
Increases Sharp Shooting damage by Refine *5%
Decreases Sharp Shooting SP cost by Refine *5%
If AGI is 84 or higher: APM +2
Gypsy Trentini
Solid Cecil Damon
1963.png Rapture Rose [0]
50% chance to Poison when attacking.
Gypsy Trentini
15044.png Green Operation Coat [1]
DEX +1
SP +30
When equipped with 13027.png Scalpel: Chance to drop 929.png Immortal Heart and 970.png Alcohol from Demi Human and Brute, increasing with refine.
2582.png Salvage Cape [0]
Enables Lv1 Cicada Skin Shed
IAdds a 30 second cooldown to Cicada Skin Shed
Increases SP cost by 100%
Drains 1200 SP when unequipped
Professor Celia
2892.png Assassin's Handcubffs [1]
SP +20
DEF +3
Crit +3
When equipped with 1284.png Krishna: ATK +50, Flee -30, Sonic Blow damage +50%.
When equipped with 1285.png Chakram: MaxHP -10%, Crit +4, Crit Damage +40%.
2854.png Alchemy Glove [1]
INT +1
DEF +1
Fire Magic damage done +10%
Water Magic damage done -20%
Chance to autocast Lv10 Fireball when dealing magic damage
Lost Dragon
Professor Celia