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The second job of Adept

Job changing[edit]

Enter the Lightalzen hotel (159, 133)
Talk to Lord Grayrl to become a Viking

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Husky HP Recovery Increase HP recovery every 10 seconds. Increases further with VIT. 10 Passive
Last Stand Gives a small chance of surviving Fatal blows with 1 HP. 5 Passive
Thor's Might Increase ATK and changes weapons element to Wind for 45 seconds. 5 Supportive
Thunder-Skinned Increase resistance to Wind elements and damage against Fish 5 Passive
Dragon's Roar Increases the STR of all nearby party member. 5 Supportive
Helm Splitter Crushes the foe's head with the axe. Chance to break target helmet in PVP. 5 Offensive
Rampage A series of 8 fast hits that has a chance to inflict Bleeding. 10 Offensive
Wood Chopper Attack the target twice for each axe equipped. 5 Offensive

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
Odin's Might Increase ATK by 10 + 5% and gives Endure for 60 seconds. 1 Supportive ? Odin's Might quest