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Q: why doesn't the game launch after I press Start on the Patcher?

Your Anti-Virus probably deleted ~Einherjar.exe. Whitelist the Einherjar folder or ~Einherjar.exe

Q: How can I make the font larger?

Add Korean language to Windows then remove it. Guide

Q: How can I fix the Entry Point Not Found/amd64/atlumdag.dll error?

Rename dbghelp.dll to dbghelp_old.dll.


Q: What class should I play?

Whatever you'd like, but refer to Custom Classes for an overview.

Q: Can I reset stats/skills?

Yes, in the building southwest of the Prontera fountain.

Q: Where do I get the daily rewards?

Same place as above.

Q: Is there a healer NPC?

The fountain in Prontera will slowly heal you and give you a buff once you're full.

Q: Is there a card remover?

Yes, in the Prontera refine building.

Q: Where can I get red/yellow gemstones at a low level?

Gemstone Exchanging, Mining or buying from other players.

Q: What do I need to know about gearing?

Check out Enchanting for runes, they are tradeable. Also Forge Armor, people will usually craft for free if you gather most/all materials.

Q: Why doesn't my Merchant have Discount/Overcharge?

Those skills were removed, see Merchant.

Q: Can you make summons untargettable?

No, it's a client limitation.

Q: What does CRIT do?

It adds a % bonus damage and a hit modifier. Current numbers are 50% bonus damage + 1/2 luck % hit.

Q: How much DEX do I need for instant cast?

Insant cast is no longer possible. See Cast Time/Delay.

Q: How do I open another client?

You are not supposed to.

Q: Am I supposed to gain HP when equipping pickaxe, and lose HP when equipping staff + shield?

Yes. Staff in main hand gives mystical mastery if you use a shield as well it'll give some of the hp back. Type (at)battlestats mastery if you want to check current bonuses.

Q: Why can't I see my exp bar after job level 50?

It's a client limitation, you can check progress with @showexp.

Q: Are the entrance quests for dungeons still a thing that needs to be done?

Yes, but most of them unlock a teleport for your entire account

Q: Where can I get Amethyst, Aquamarine, etc?

Jeweler NPCs, monster drops, Mining, Buccaneer's Plunder, Gift Boxes from Myst Case Card and Blacksmith's Dismantle.

Q: Is there a way to see how many chests are left/I've opened?

No and there won't be.

Specific Jobs[edit]

Q: Where is the Control Dead quest?

In Niflheim, talk to Hel in the same place as Revenant's quest.

Q: Where can I buy bullets?

Alberta Weapon Shop, Izlude Tool Shop, Zhakastia and Tortuga.

Q: Where can I get pistols?

Buy in Zhakastia or Tortuga. They also drop from monsters.

Q: Can the Lv 1 Teleport confirmation window be removed?


Q: Can Taekwon be changed to Swiftness mastery?