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Q: I can see the ~Einherjar.exe running in task manager but no window is created, what should I do?

Run the Setup and try the different Graphics Devices.

Q: How do I fix the game launching with just a white screen or only showing on the task bar?

Run the Setup and try the different Graphics Devices.

Q: How can I fix the game launching showing on the task bar when I launch it??

Run the Setup and try the different Graphics Devices.

Q: Why doesn't the game launch after I press Start on the Patcher?

Your Anti-Virus probably deleted ~Einherjar.exe. Whitelist the Einherjar folder or ~Einherjar.exe and either reinstall or extract the .exe again from the installer.

Q: How can I fix the Entry Point Not Found/amd64/atlumdag.dll error?

Rename dbghelp.dll to dbghelp_old.dll.


Q: What class should I play?

Whatever you'd like, but refer to Custom Classes for an overview.

Q: Can I reset stats/skills?

Yes, in the building southwest of the Prontera fountain. It's free.

Q: Where do I get the daily rewards?

Same place as above. More details: Daily Rewards

Q: Why can't I see my weapon on x class?

Because of an issue where the file with weapon animations can't be read by the custom classes.

Q: Is there a healer NPC?

The fountain in Prontera will slowly heal you and give you a buff once you're full.

Q: Is there a card remover?

Yes, in the Prontera refine building.

Q: Where can I get red/yellow gemstones at a low level?

Buy from the NPC in Geffen. Check Gemstone Exchanging for all locations.

Q: What do I need to know about gearing?

Check out Enchanting for runes, they are tradeable. Also Forge Armor, people will usually craft for free if you gather most/all materials.

Q: Why doesn't my Merchant have Discount/Overcharge?

Those skills were removed, see Merchant.

Q: What does CRIT do?

It adds a % bonus damage and a hit modifier. Current numbers are 50% bonus damage + 1/2 luck % hit.

Q: How much DEX do I need for instant cast?

Insant cast is no longer possible with just dex/gear. See Cast Time/Delay.

Q: How do I open another client?

You are not supposed to.

Q: Am I supposed to gain HP when equipping pickaxe, and lose HP when equipping staff + shield?

Yes. Staff in main hand gives mystical mastery if you use a shield as well it'll give some of the hp back. Type (at)battlestats mastery if you want to check current bonuses.

Q: Why can't I see my exp bar after job level 50?

It's a client limitation that can't be easily fixed right now, you can check progress with @exp.

Q: Are the entrance quests for dungeons still a thing that needs to be done?

Yes, but most of them unlock a teleport for your entire account, see Warp Gate

Q: Where can I get Amethyst, Aquamarine, etc?

Besides trading with other players, you can buy some specific gems from Jeweler NPCs, get some as monster drops, Mining, Buccaneer's Plunder, Gift Boxes from Myst Case Card and Blacksmith's Dismantle.

Q: Is there a way to see how many chests are left/I've opened?

No and there won't be, the Treasure Hunting system is supposed to reward exploration, not be a checklist.

Q: Why do some monsters have a [B] on their name?

They are bonus spawns from the Bounty Boards.

Q: What does a yellow item name mean?

It means it's account bound.

Specific Jobs[edit]

Q: Where is the Necromancer Control Dead quest?

In Niflheim, talk to Hel in the same place as Revenant's quest.

Q: Where can I buy bullets?

Alberta Weapon Shopalberta_in18727, Zhakastia and Tortuga.

Q: Where can I get pistols?

Buy in Alberta Weapon Shop alberta_in18727, Zhakastia or Tortuga. They also drop from monsters.

Q: Can Taekwon be changed to Swiftness mastery?