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Job Base: Blacksmith
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent

Job Change[edit]

Talk to the Whitesmith in Valhalla as a Job 50 High Merchant.

Class Data[edit]

New Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Recycle Materials Repair Equipment has a 50% chance to not consume Materials 1 Passive
Heart of Creation Forging anything from; Metal Working, Forge Weapon, Forge Armor, or Repair Weapon increases own damage dealt by 15% and reduces damage taken by 15%, last 30 minutes. 1 Passive
Fuel the Inferno Inflicts (100 + (Forge Chance * SkillLv) + (SkillLv * 20 per digit of Fame))%, Killing a target absorbs its stats adding them to a pool up to 10000, the pool is not removed by anything other then Forging. Al long as a pool is available Forging chance is boosted by (Skillv)%, reduce pool by (100*SkillLv) on each attempt. 5 Offensive
Reforge Consume 1 Stone of Yore and 1 Elemental Stone to change an existing Elemental Stone on a forged gear 1 Active
Refine Armor Allows Whitesmith to refine an armor up to Skill Level 10 Passive
Refine Weapon Allows Whitesmith to refine a weapon up to Skill Level 10 Passive
Dismantle Allows for the breaking down of gear into some of its core components. 1 Platinum

Skill Changes[edit]

Maximum Power Thrust[edit]

  • Reduced Zeny Cost from (2500+500*SkillLv) -> 2000
  • Increased duration from 180 -> 300 seconds


  • Weapon and Armor refining have modified chances, more info in Refining.
  • Gives EXP, more aggressive with harder refines.

Cart Termination[edit]

  • Zeny cost reduced from 500 -> 0
  • Now scales on Weight not Total Weight %
  • No longer ignores damage cards
  • SP cost reduced to 8 but increases with every 1000 cart weight

Cart Boost[edit]

  • eny cost increased from 0 -> 5000
  • SP cost increased from 20 -> 30
  • Duration increased from 60 -> 90 seconds