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Job changing[edit]

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Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Warcry Stuns enemies in area around the user for 0.1 Seconds. And lowers their Def for a short time. 5 Supportive
Heavy Cleave Cuts at the targets neck with a chance of breaking it dealing double damage and causing bleeding. 5 Offensive
Tiger Crush Smashes side of sword into target. Damage Increases with Sword Weight and Refine. 10 Offensive
Submission Grapples target and forces into submission with a chance of breaking either Knee or Shoulder of target. Decreases Movement Speed by 30% and ASPD by 10%, Halves soft defense. 10 Offensive
Sword Quake Slams sword into the ground Causing the ground to rupture. Damage x2 for closer targets and x1.5 with Earth Blade. 10 Offensive
Crippling Blow Hits target hard at the waist with a chance of breaking the target waist. Decreases soft defense by 25% and attack by 25% 10 Offensive
Death Charge Charge up for 1.5 seconds then dash to target location dealing damage and a chance to deal high additional damage on to your target. 5 Offensive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Overflow Adds a chance to apply bonus effects on sword skills based on weapon endowment. 1 Passive
Natural Healing Increases effect of Heal Wounds with Job Level. 1 Passive
Warmonger Your first Sword Skill increases attack by 1 for 20 seconds, every subsequent attack adds another 1 attack and refreshes timer to 50 seconds. Caps at ((Base Level + Job Level + Str * 2 + 3) / 5 + 1), while capped last 90 seconds. 1 Passive