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Daimyo is one of two possible second jobs for the Samurai. They specialize in using Two-handed Swords to pulverize enemies with the the strength and sheer heft of their blade.

The job change to Daimyo is a very significant one, especially for Samurai that were focused on Two-handed swords. The main reasons for this are threefold:

+Daimyo gains access to a very powerful single target skill called Tiger Crush, which has a high base ATK%, and is further increased by the refine of the weapon you're using, and its weight.

+Two, they gain access to an AoE skill called Sword Quake. On top of having a higher base damage, Sword Quake's damage also increases 2x when the enemy is adjacent to you and increases 1.5x on top of that when Earth Blade is active.

+Three, they get an immensely improved SP pool in order to better take advantage of these new skills that they received. It also means that their out-of-combat sustain is improved greatly due to being able to use Heal Wounds more without being as concerned with SP usage.

However, there are downsides to the class:

-Sword Quake is an Earth element skill and cannot be changed by any of the Blade skills (although Earth Blade does enhance its damage). This means that they will have a harder time killing high level Shadow element mobs and will not cause much harm at all to Fire element mobs. They still have Wild Swing to fall back on, but due to its low Atk% compared to Sword Quake, it will take more spell casts, eat more SP, and force you to take more hits from mobs that are Fire and Shadow element. In short, they will have a harder time mobbing in places like Magma Dungeon and Geffenia, which are common places to mob for EXP and zeny.

-Even with their massive SP pool, they don't have an outstanding ability to sustain themselves in the middle of mobbing enemies, meaning that they are still just as reliant on using potions and other HP recovery items to keep themselves alive while taking aggro from enemies.

-Not having access to a Shield puts them even more in danger if they decide to mob enemies, since they don't have a way to reduce melee physical damage without investing into VVVS forged armor and garments, and even then they don't have access to very powerful damage reduction cards like Thara Frog card.

Job changing[edit]

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Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Warcry Stuns enemies in area around the user for 0.1 Seconds. And lowers their Def by (4*SkillLV) for (15 + 9*SkillLV seconds). 5 Supportive
Heavy Cleave Cuts at the targets neck for (25 + 75*SkillLV)%ATK with a (5*SkillLV)% of breaking it, dealing double damage and inflicting the Bleeding status on the enemy when broken. 5 Offensive
Tiger Crush Smashes side of sword into target for (150 + 50*SkillLV)% ATK. Damage increases with the refine and weight of the weapon. 10 Offensive
Submission Grapples target and forces them into submission, dealing (100 + 15*SkillLV)%ATK with a chance of breaking either Knee or Shoulder of target. Knee: Decreases Movement Speed by 30% and ASPD by 10%. Shoulder: Halves soft (Vit-based) defense. 10 Offensive
Sword Quake Slam your sword into the ground, causing the ground to rupture and deal (100+25*SkillLV)%ATK Earth element physical damage. Deals double damage to targets within 3x3 cells, and deals +50% more damage with Earth Blade active. 10 Offensive
Crippling Blow Hits target hard at the waist, dealing (100 + 25*SkillLV)%ATK physical damage with a (10*SkillLV)% chance of breaking the target's waist. Waist: Decreases soft (Vit-based) defense by 25% and attack by 25%. 10 Offensive
Death Charge Charge up for 1.5 seconds then dash to target location dealing (125 + 75*SkillLV)%ATK physical damage and up to a 50% chance to deal +(200*SkillLV)%ATK additional damage on to your target. %Chance to proc additional damage is dependent on caster's STR, target's VIT, and target's DEF. 5 Offensive

Sword Quake damage equation with proximity(x2) and Earth Blade (x1.5) modifiers:


Tiger Crush damage with weight + refine modifiers at Skill Level 10:

(650 + (1.3 * weight))% atk * (1 + (refine / 15))

In summary, weight and refine become very significant damage boosters for Tiger Crush. Because of this, one of the best investments you can make early on for damage if you don't have any weapon cards available to you is getting a +5 Two Handed Sword, as it has a fairly high safe limit for a weapon that packs 160 ATK and a hefty 250 weight on it. Either that, or if someone can forge one for you, a +5 VVVS Claymore would be ideal, coming in at 180 ATK and 280 weight without other attack bonuses.

Platinum Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Overflow Adds a chance to apply bonus effects on sword skills based on weapon endowment. 1 Passive
Natural Healing Increases effect of Heal Wounds with Job Level. 1 Passive
Warmonger Your first Sword Skill increases attack by 2 for 20 seconds, every subsequent attack adds another 2 attack and refreshes timer to 50 seconds. Caps at ((Base Level + Job Level + Str * 3 + 3) / 5 + 1), while capped last 90 seconds. Costs 1 SP per 10 seconds. 1 Toggle