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Removed Skills[edit]

  • Overcharge
  • Discount

The skills ware removed due to it often being the only reason players created a Merchant class character meaning they are essentially a Mule only used for Selling and Buying, by removing this it makes it so there is no need to character swap in order to get the max value from your selling or buying.

Changed Skills[edit]

  • Mammonite - Has its Zeny cost cut by 50% this is due to Merchants generally having less zeny due to the overcharge removal

New Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type
Improve Cart Increase carts max weight 10 Passive
Power Swing Deals (100 + 30*SkillLv) damage, increased further by Dex and Luk. 10 Active
Stingy Small chance will use half the SP they usually would. 1 Passive
Water Down When you use an item there is a chance that it won’t actually be consumed. 1 Passive