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The Captain is the trans class of the Buccaneer and also a short range melee class. Geared up it can rival most classes in terms of DpS. It has access to some high damage burst melee skills and a variety of item/zeny stealing skills from Bocaneers, and some more skills to further enhance it's damage-potential. The Cap'n is also very gear dependant, but outshines most other classes in raw damage once geared. It also sacrifices almost all survivability for higher damage.

A Captains role in partyplay is the classic damagedealer, in Soloplay it can take on pretty much any opponent, but gets wiped out again easy if mobbed.

It's unique ranking, checkable with "@captain", allows the top ranked Captain to obtain the rank of the "Pirate King" and get a +10% atk-boost and a +50% MaxHP boost.

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Ransack Attacks the enemy multiple times, with each attack there is a chance to steal an item from the foe, based on the skill level of Steal. Crit is only 1.5x damage. 5 Offensive
Relentless Assault Self-buff which increases ASPD and ATK, while cutting Defense and M.Defense in half. 1 Toggle
Demolition Force Boosts damage with Bomb-type skills and Whiskey Slash. This skill does NOT affect Saboteur. Duration is 60 seconds. Int increased bonus damage further. 5 Supportive
Saboteur The user rigs their body into a bomb. This attack uses up 20% of the user's HP and inflicts Fire damage and is further increased by Luk. 10 Offensive
Advanced Explosives Allows you to craft Additional Explosives, Bombs and Saboteur Increase Damage by 25%. 1 Passive
Pirate King Every Successful Extortion (3), Steal (2), Bribe (15) and Bomb Crafting (1) Increases your Fame. The Captain with Highest Fame Becomes Pirate King Increasing Atk by 10% and Max Hp by 50% While not the Pirate King adds a chance to yield additional Bombs when Crafting. 1 Passive
Land Lubber Increase damage against Earth property enemies. 7 Passive
Plunderbuss Deal damage and applies Plunder to target if not killed, whenever a target dies with Plunder all attackers revives Zeny based off skill level used. 10 Offensive