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Starting next patch till the end of April the Easter Bunny (Old Payon,74,124) will be asking players to collect Easter eggs in most towns and exchange them for 5 points each which they can spend on Gear in the Easter Bunny's shop. Alternatively you can open the Easter eggs for random consumable goodies and 2 hats only available in the Easter Eggs, all players in the party are guaranteed 1 Easter egg for each found while they are on the same map.

here a list from egg-contents compiled from opening 100 eggs:

Item Percentage*
Chocolate ~37%
White Chocolate ~18%
Easter Scroll (random Pet Tame / Pet Equip) 15%
Cute Strawberry-Choco 15%
Junky Chocolate 6%
Headgear 3%
Chocolate Strawberry 2%
Chocolate Tart 2%
Chocolate Drink 1%
Chocolate Pie 1%
Chocolate Mousse Cake 1%
  • the percentage is compiled form opening eggs and can vary.


Easter only comes with 1 new monster the Usakoring which has its own Headgear and Card as well as its own backpack down the line, Usako will remain even after the event ends


With the Easter event comes recolors for 7 headgear; Egg Shell, Bunny Band, Rainbow Eggshell, Usakoring Hat, Bunny Top Hat, White Rabbit, and a alternate Bunny Band, these will remain available after the event ends


Event Gear[edit]