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Town of Neet


The lovely little hometown to the Draconier Class! You can get here a variety of ways but simplest is likely to walk from Hugel or by Kafra Teleport Services from Hugel for 600z.


See Also: Inns

For 5000z you can sleep at the Inn!

Exchange Shop[edit]

Haschel (hu_fild02 151 257) runs a shop where you can trade in Bijou(Green, Red, Blue, Yellow) obtained from the Dragons in Abyss Lake for items.

Every Bijou is worth 1 point, but Draconier class characters get extra points for turning them in!

Points Item
500 5467.png Dragon Helm [1]
500 45060.png Dragon Fang Spear [2]
100 46060.png Blue Bijou Ring
100 46061.png Red Bijou Ring
100 46062.png Green Bijou Ring
100 46063.png Yellow Bijou Ring
100 46064.png Black Bijou Ring
3 1035.png Dragon Canine
3 1036.png Dragon Scale
3 1037.png Dragon Tail
3 7123.png Dragon Skin