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Potential Design[edit]

These are tentative skills and effects, just because they are in here doesn't mean they will be release in this state, if you have questions, ideas or concerns let Stolao know.

Human Skill[edit]

The skill Tree while in Human Form

Skill Description Levels Type
Claw Mastery Increase Damage with claw type weapons 5 Passive
Bramble Trap Traps that deal (150 + (20 * SkillLv))% damage to targets 5 Active
Vine Surge Deals (SkillLv * 50)% damage and Slows Enemies in an Area by 35% 5 Active
Grasping Roots Deals (SkillLv * 30)% damage and Snare target in place for a few (SkillLv*2) Seconds 5 Active
Spirit Fire Deals (SkillLv*55)% fire damage to target, trippled if Effected by a Plant skill 5 Active
Bramble Vest Self Buff, When hit deals (10 * SkillLv) Neutral Physical damage to attackers, last 300 Seconds 5 Active
Nature's Regeneration Area buff, Allies Regenerate (SkillLv * 2 + SkillLv * (Target Vit + Casters Int) / 9) Hp per second for (60 * SkillLv) Seconds 5 Active
Nature's Blessing Self buff, Increases Vit, Def, Mdef and Max HP for 300 Seconds 5 Active
Herbology Increase recover with Herbs by (SkillLv*30)% 5 Passive
Befriend Wild Using a Monster Gore attempts to calm a monster to fight for you at a (Baselevel * SkillLv / Mob Level)% chance 5 Active
Spirit Walk Becomes Invisible for 120 Seconds or until attacking or recast 1 Active
Stone Pact Has a (SkillLv * 7)% Chance to Stone Curse effecting self and enemies (and allies during woe) in a 7x7 area at for 3 Seconds 5 Active
Bolder Break Deals (75 + 25*SkillLv)% Damage to target, Increases by (SkillLv*100)% if target is Stone Cursed. Ignores Mdef and has a (SkillLv/2)% Chance to break armor 5 Active
Rock Fall Hit target with (100 + 100)% Matk Earth damage with a (5 + 4*SkillLv)% Chance to stun 5 Active
Stone Skin Increase Resistance to Stone Curse by (SkillLv * 3)%, Additionaly When hit by Stone Curse gain (10 * SkillLv) Def for (30 + SkillLv * 30) Seconds 3 Passive

Wolf Skill[edit]

When in wolf form the skill tree transforms, and the skills gain a new effect (matches human skills above)

Skill Description Levels Type
Claw Mastery Increase Damage with claws 5 Passive
Lacerate (100 + (50 * SkillLv))% Attack causing Bleeding at a (15 * SkillLv) chance 5 Active
Takedown Charge at target dealing (175 + SkillLv*25) damage, increases with Movement Speed 5 Active
Slash Strikes the target for (25 + 35 * SkillLv)% damage each. Each attack also has a 15% chance to inflict a deep wound, causing Bleeding 5 Active
Feral Rage Strikes the target (SkillLv + 1) times for 'Slash' damage each. Each attack also has a 5% chance to inflict a deep wound, causing Bleeding, animation time lowered with Agi 5 Active
Howling Moon Increases the Mdef of all Allies by (SkillLv*6), last 300 Seconds 5 Active
Vicious Roar The user unleashes a roar to intimidate enemies in a 7x7 cell range. There is a ((SkillLv*5)+(Base Lv - Target Lv))% chance to inflict "Fear" on all targets in range. 5 Active
Fenrir's Cry Area Buff, Boosts all Allies Atk, Vit Def and Movement Speed by (SkillLv*5) for 300 Seconds. 5 Active
Carnivore When a defeating an enemy in wolf form, restore (SkillLv)% of the user's Missing HP, If enemy is poison, ghost or undead property, no HP is recovered 5 Passive
Devour The user "devours" their target (thus instantly killing them) and regains (100 + 10*SkillLv)% of targets remaining health as HP. This skill only works on small-size opponents (no players or bosses) with (SkillLv*7)% or less of their HP remaining. If used on a poison or undead property monster, no HP is recovered, and the user is poisoned. If used on a ghost property monster, no HP is restored. 5 Active
Silver Moon When in Lycanthrope transformation, The user will recover (SkillLv) SP every 10 seconds. 1 Passive
Rabies Bite Skills have a (SkillLv*2)% chance of inflicting Poison or (SkillLv)% chance Bleeding status 5 Passive
Maul Bite Target to deal (SkillLv*100) Damage 5 Active
Furious Fang The user lashes out and bites their target with a vicious bite. The infection resulting from this attack drives the target to madness, granting an effect similar to provoke. Damage is 100%, and the success rate and amount of ATK/DEF change mimics that of provoke. 5 Active
Lycanthropy Increase Str, Agi, Dex by (SkillLv) and Movement Speed by (SkillLv*3)% when in Wolf Form 5 Passive

Platinum Skill[edit]

Skill Description Type
Satisfaction When killing an enemy, your Matk rate increases by +30% + 30 for 60 seconds. Passive
Blood Extract Self-buff, using Empty Bottle as a catalyst. When the user defeats a foe (in human form), they will obtain one Monster Gore. This effect ends as soon as the user defeats a foe. This skill will fail to take effect when defeating a Formless or Undead family monster. -Note, Druid/Wolf can Consume Monster gore to restore 10% of missing HP a 3% chance to poison self though. Active
Lycanthrope Transforms between wolf and human form. Cooldown of 300 Seconds. In wolf form loses 1% Max HP ever 10 seconds, if player dies or hp drops to 1 it will turn human again. Toggle
Beast Blood Resist Poison by 35% Passive
Eternal Hunger If target is bleeding, Bite Skills Heal you in Wolf Form for 3% of missing HP, If enemy is poison, ghost or undead property, no HP is recovered Passive