Port Malaya

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You can get to Port Malaya by paying Optamara Crew NPC (alberta 196, 202) in Alberta 10,000 zeny.

The first recommended quest is Cautious Village. This quest is necessary in order to understand the language used by this island's inhabitants.


  • Cautious Village
  • Bakonawa Extermination
  • Can't Look Into His Eyes
  • Get Rid of the Jejeling
  • Ghost on the Ferry Ship
  • Jejeling and Jejellopy
  • Marie's Child
  • Nurse in Port Malaya
  • Purified Bones
  • Rumor, Time and Legend
  • Secret in the Woods
  • Shiny Blade
  • The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron
  • Traditional Spiritual Protection & Impudent Girl


Bangungot Hospital[edit]

Bakonawa Lake[edit]

Buwaya Cave[edit]


Name Description Obtainable from
2169.png Kalasag [0]
2170.png Kalasag(Bayani) [1]
-1% Boss Damage taken
Every 3 Refine: -1% Boss Damage taken
Set with 2590.png Buwaya Cloth, 15051.png Bakonawa Armor and 2491.png Bangungot Boots: MaxHP +20%. Max SP +10%, -30% damage from Malaya monsters.
Treasure Chest
15051.png Bakonawa Scale Armor [0]
15052.png Bakonawa Scale Armor(Bayani) [1]
All Stats +1
Every Refine: -1% Boss Damage taken
Bakonawa Treasure Chest
2590.png Buwaya Sack Cloth [0]
2591.png Buwaya Sack Cloth(Bayani) [1]
Every 2 Refine: +1% Heal Power
-10% Earth, Water, Fire and Wind damage taken.
2491.png Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [0]
2492.png Bangungot Boots of Nightmare(Bayani) [1]
Every Refine: + MDEF
If Refine >= 8: Increases movement speed.