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P.S. Akaiger here, I copied a few of Freja/Banshee's info on previous necromancers to this section since Revenant is now a separate class. WIP.


Job Base: Necromancer
Job Type: Expanded

Story / Lore[edit]

Only those Necromancers brave enough to face their own fears were privileged an audience with Lady Hel, the Queen of Dead. Following an ancient dark ritual the Queen herself pierced them through with a Cursed Ruby siphoning all the living matter out and filling their mind and body with the curse and plague... In exchange of their souls Necromancers obtained a forbidden knowledge of Black magic, ability to create the fields of cursed matter, to bind and petrify, to use bones of fallen enemies to summon horrible skeletal creatures, and even to consume the life energy of living beings while curing their own damned bodies. The most advanced of Necromancers may learn how to raise corpses from the dead, and lead their mindless puppets into the battle, though one needs to show its worth to the Lady Hel by fulfilling one of her wishes.

Job Change[edit]

Step #1: As a Necromancer Job level 40 make your way to Niflheim.

  • You can reach Niflheim by using bungee jump in Umbala (Morroc >> Comodo >> Umbala using Kafra services), or by proceeding through Umbala dungeon: Level1 >> Level2 >> Yggdrasil Root map, follow the paths and just enter the warp at the end of the map.

Step #2: When in Niflheim head North-North-West from the fountain into Niflheim Inn

  • You may need help from other players or some time for kiting since all monsters in Niflheim are aggressive!

Step #3: Enter the 2nd floor and find Arthus, the servant of Lady Hel, and ask for an audience with his mistress. Show no fear when talking to him!

Step #4: Follow the long corridor north, and approach Lady Hel. She will ask to show yourself worthy: you will need to bring 3 Cursed Rubies.

  • Cursed Ruby can be bought from Tool Dealer in Niflheim for 2000 zeny each.

Step #5: Once collected 3 x Cursed Rubies, come back to Arthus and ask to meet Lady Hel again. Show rubies to the Lady, and let her finish the ancient ritual. You will wake up powerless but already as an obedient servant of Lady Hel!

  • On this step you obtain one random item from the Hel's set, this will be your first Hel's equipment. You can always buy more by talking to Arthus. Note that he doesnt take zeny as payment but Cursed Ruby instead.

Congratulations on becoming a Revenant!

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
File:Promote Giant.png Promote: Giant Targeted Skeleton transforms into a Giant Skeleton with increased Def, Mdef, Atk and HP and Becomes both Knockback Immune and Status Resistant. 1 Supportive
File:Wall of Thorns.png Wall of Thorns Use a skel-bone to Summon a Bone Wall with (SkillLv*(Max SP/10) + SkillLv*Max Matk) Hp thats Immune to skills, impassable (can be shot over) and reflects (20*SkillLv)% of damage melee physical back at attackers. 5 Active
Unnerving Graveyard.png Unnerving Graveyard Reduce incoming damage by (SkillLv)% for each of your skeletons. Cost 1% Max SP every 2 seconds to maintain. 2 Active
File:Reanimate.png Reanimate Returns a Undead Property KO'ed character to life with the indicated percentage of HP restored. Only works on undead. 4 Active
Evil Land.png Evil Land Heals undead non-player allies and damages and slows non-undead non-demon enemies, while increasing speed of undead, including players, allies. 5 Supportive
File:Open Grave.png Open Grave Summon a Zombie every (100-20*SkillLv) seconds as long as you have a spirit sphere. 3 Active
File:Lye Bath.png Lye Bath Kill all zombies converting to skeletons at a (10*SkillLv)% chance each. 5 Supportive
Putrfacation.png Putrfacation Kill all zombies in an explosion dealing 666% Atk + Zombies Current HP as Physical Poison property damage to nearby enemies. 1 Active
File:Call Familiar.png Call Familiar Skill Under Construction 1 Supportive
File:Command Attack.png Command: Attack Familiar becomes aggressive and gains access to offensive skills. 1 Supportive
File:Command Poison Fang.png Command: Poison Fang Familiar deals 500% Poison Property Atk to target and poisons at a 70% chance (Poisons even if misses). 1 Active
File:Command Wing Attack.png Command: Wing Attack Familiar 500% Atk to target and stuns at a 30% chance (Stuns even if misses). 1 Active
File:Command Air Cutter.png Command: Air Cutter Familiar attack all enemies in a line between Familiar and target for 150% Atk and moves to target. 1 Active
File:Command Defend.png Command: Defend Familiar periodically cast Provoke on monsters near master, Disables Command Attack. 1 Supportive
File:Command Screech.png Command: Screech Hits a 5x5 Area around familiar for 100% Matk and Confuses them at a 55% chance. 1 Active
File:Command Leech Life.png Command: Leech Life Familiar deals 200% Matk Target and restore 50% of damage as HP. 1 Active
File:Command Ominous Wind.png Command: Ominous Wind Familiar deals 500% Dark Property Matk to target and blinds at a 70% chance (Blinds even if misses). 1 Active
File:Command Double Team.png Command: Double Team Familiar Will recast its Masters Spells at a chance, Disables Command Attack. 1 Supportive
File:Bone Shatter.png Bone Shatter Use a skel-bone to preform a 5x5 splash attack that damaging all enemies around the target for (50*SkillLv)% Matk as Undead Property Physical Damage. 5 Offensive
File:Bone Magic.png Bone Magic Casting Bone Skills adds 1 up to (SkillLv) stack of Bone Magic. 10 Passive
Dark Binding.png Dark Binding Hits the target for (100+15*SkillLV+10*SkillLV*SkillLV)% of M.Atk In addition, hit target with a root that last a short time 5 Offensive
File:Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest Drain a small amount of the caster's HP to inflict Ghost property area effect damage on enemies in the caster's vicinity and pull them closer. Deals (150+50*SkillLV)% M.Atk. 5 Offensive
File:Spirit Rupture.png Spirit Rupture Increase targets cast time by 20% per skill level. Consumes 1 Spirit-Sphere. 5 Supportive
File:Magic Mirror.png Magic Mirror Reflects magic back at caster at a Skill Level * 20% Chance for 3 Seconds. 5 Supportive
File:Slow Cast.png Slow Cast Reflects magic back at caster at a Skill Level * 20% Chance for 3 Seconds. 5 Supportive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level Type Quest