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Planned Class

  • Description
Valkyries' specialize in heavy armor, close quarter sword and shield combat. They can also use their magic for healing and empowering allies.

Planned Skills

  • Subject to Change
Icon Name Type Max Level Requirement Description
Vanguard Mastery Passive 10 One-Handed Sword & Shield Increase Intelligence and Attack Speed while equipped with a 1-H Sword and Shield.
Heavy Armor Mastery Passive 5 Armor Weight 200+ Armors with a weight of 200 or more are considered heavy armor and provide some extra protection.
Soon™ Lunge Offensive 5 One-Handed Sword Subject to Change
Soon™ Riptide Offensive 5 Shield Subject to Change
Soon™ Valkyrie's Prayer Supportive 5 None Subject to Change
Touch of Spiritus Supportive 10 1~10% SP Consume some of your own SP and heal an Allies' SP by the same amount consumed. (Guild or Party Members Only)
Soon™ Valkyrie's Aura Passive 10 None Increases the efficiency of SP recovering items and while overweight retain 50% or your SP regeneration.