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Outlaws pew pew

Job changing[edit]

Enter the Lightalzen airport Talk to Brandon Heat to become an Outlaw

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Reload Mastery Increases ASPD with Pistols by SkillLv*3% 5 Passive
Aim Bot Adds a chance to auto-cast Armshot, Legshot, Headshot, Quickshot or Dark Filament when attacking 5 Passive
Requiem Fires a long range shot scaling with distance and target's missing HP. Always crits for 2.5x damage when target is below 15% HP. Can be cast while hidden 1 Offensive
Endless Needle Shoots target with 4*SkillLV Needle shots 5 Offensive
Meteor Smash Adds a 5*SkilLLV chance of knocking the target back 1+SkillLV*0.4 cells and dealing SkillLV*10% damage 5 Supportive