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Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Hammer of Gods This skill can only be used with Two-Handed Axes. After a period of charging, slams the axe blade into the target. Additionally, there is a chance to stun the target. 5 Offensive
Aegis Ruin When Attacking gain a chance to cast Helm Splitter, Additionally increases break chance and it can now break Armor and Shields at a much lower chance. 5 Passive
Berserker's Rage At 50% hp receive a aspd buff, At 25% buff is doubled, At 10% heal for a percentage of basic attacks damage. While any Berserker's Rage is active Increase Rampage re-cast chance. 5 Passive
Dying Breath Increases Chance of Last Stand, When Last Stand occurs gain Atk but lose 50% Def and M.Def for 30 Seconds. 5 Passive