From Project Einherjar
  • Double Strafe damage increased from (160 + (20*SkillLv))% -> (200 + (20*SkillLv))%
  • Arrow Shower damage increased from (75 + (5*SkillLv))% -> (100 + (10*SkillLv))%
  • Charge Arrow damage increased from 150% -> 175%

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
File:Double Strafing.png Double Strafing Single-target physical ranged damage. 10 Offensive
File:Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower Splash attack that pushes opponents away from center. 10 Offensive
File:Owls Eye.png Owl's Eye Increases DEX per level. 10 Passive
File:Vultures Eye.png Vulture's Eye Increases attack range and hit per level. 10 Passive
Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration Increases DEX and AGI temporarily. 10 Active

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level Type Quest
File:Charge Arrow.png Charge Arrow Single target physical ranged skill taht pushes opponent 6 cells away. 1 Offensive Charge Arrow Quest
File:Arrow Crafting.png Arrow Crafting Consumes an item to produce arrows. 1 Active Arrow Crafting Quest