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Mystic is an hybrid between support and magical caster.
It has access to a party heal and blessing, though blessing is weaker then the priest variant.
It has natural resistance to the primary 4 elements.
Mystic continue Adepts specializes in single-target magic damage, having all the elements at his disposal but now with each having a bonus effect for both self buff and de-buffing of enemies.

Job changing[edit]

Enter the Sage guild north-east of Yuno (323, 284)
Talk to Dogen to become a Mystic

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Nature Block Increase resistance to Fire, Water, Wind and Earth property attacks. 5 Passive
Arc Heal Heals the entire party for an amount equal to the amount healed by 'Heal'. 5 Active
Arc Blessing Grants Blessing effect to the party. 5 Active
Force Palm Has a chance to stun the target. 5 Active
Serpant Flame Chance to lower targets ATK by 20%. 5 Active
Blizzard Chance to lower targets Movement Speed by 50% 5 Active
Charge Bolt After casting, your INT will increase for 10 seconds. 5 Active
Stone Edge Deals bonus random damage. 5 Active
Venom Bane Chance to poison target. 10 Active
Acid Chance to, lower targets DEF and M.DEF 5 Active
Shine Plasm Chance to confuse target. 10 Active
Grants Change caster armor to Holy and Increase caster Max HP 5 Active
Dark Convulsion Chance to put target to Sleep 10 Active
Shade Comet Chance to Curse target 10 Active
Astral Blast Chance to change targets Armor type to Ghost for 30 seconds. 5 Active

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
None Yet TBA 1 Type ? TBA Quest?