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Mystic is an hybrid between support and magical caster.
It has access to a party heal and blessing, though blessing is weaker then the priest variant.
It has natural resistance to the primary 4 elements.
Mystic continue Adepts specializes in single-target magic damage, having all the elements at his disposal but now with each having a bonus effect for both self buff and de-buffing of enemies.

Job changing[edit]

Enter the Sage guild north-east of Yuno (323, 284)
Talk to Dogen to become a Mystic

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Nature Block Increase resistance to Fire, Water, Wind and Earth property attacks. 5 Passive
Arc Heal Heals the entire party for an amount equal to the amount healed by 'Heal'. 5 Active
Blessing of Freyr Target takes reduced damage by (SkillLv * 2)% for 280 Seconds. 5 Active
Force Palm Has a chance to stun the target. 7 Active
Serpant Flame Chance to lower targets ATK by 20%. 7 Active
Blizzard Chance to lower targets Movement Speed by 50% 7 Active
Charge Bolt After casting, your INT will increase for 10 seconds. 7 Active
Stone Edge Deals bonus random damage. 7 Active
Venom Bane Chance to poison target. 7 Active
Acid Chance to, lower targets DEF and M.DEF 7 Active
Shine Plasm Chance to confuse target. 7 Active
Grants Change caster armor to Holy and Increase caster Max HP 7 Active
Dark Convulsion Chance to put target to Sleep 7 Active
Shade Comet Chance to Curse target 7 Active
Astral Blast Chance to change targets Armor type to Ghost for 30 seconds. 7 Active

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
None Yet TBA 1 Type ? TBA Quest?