Ronin Legend

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Job changing[edit]

Like all Trans Classes talk to the related Class in the map "valkyrie" same as where you do rebirth quest

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Art of Iaijustus Whenever Reflex Guard blocks an attack you will counter attack, Additionally Draw Strike used against a full HP target deals bonus damage and gains a status effect based on Elemental Blade effect. 7 Stance
Meditation Sits and begins a trance increasing HP regeneration as well as Def and Mdef till hit or standing again. 3 Supportive
Silent Strike Deals a small amount of physical Wind damage and increases own movement speed and silencing target at a high rate, damage and movement speed doubled when under Thunder Blade effect. 5 Active
Phantasmal Blade Consumes 1 Ectoplasm to change weapon element into ghost property 1 Supportive
Ronin Pact Increases atk for each party member on the same map. 3 Passive

Platinium Skills[edit]

Skill Description Type Quest
Elemental Alignment When using an Elemental Blade increases stats based on type used. Passive Elemental Alignment Quest