Scroll Crafting

From Project Einherjar

Have the ability to use a blank scroll to craft a spell scroll, consumes the spells Sp and takes the full duration of the spell, not reduced by dex. Available Spells: Lv.3 Earth Spike
Lv.5 Earth Spike
Lv.3 Cold Bolt
Lv.5 Cold Bolt
Lv.3 Fire Bolt
Lv.5 Fire Bolt
Lv.3 Lightning Bolt
Lv.5 Lightning Bolt
Lv.3 Soul Strike
Lv.5 Soul Strike
Lv.1 Fire Ball
Lv.5 Fire Ball
Lv.1 Fire Wall
Lv.5 Fire Wall
Lv.1 Frost Driver
Lv.5 Frost Driver
Lv.3 Heal
Lv.5 Heal