Culvert Instance

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After enlisting to help fight in the bug infestation in the sewers of Prontera Next to the Prontera Culvert entrance NPC, you will find another NPC that can create an instance for a custom adventure.


Objective Name Requirements Rewards
Purification Valve (Main Objective) We need you to eliminate the issue and purify the water source to restore the Prontera sewers back to health...for at least a brief period. By locating all 14 vents located on the 3rd floor and cleaning them. 25 502.png Orange Potion and 15000z
Cat Collecting There is a party of Doram who went inside and haven't come back. Find them all. 1 18600.png Cat Ear Beret and 20000z
Timely Execution There is a bonus for completing the main objective quickly. 10 12016.png Speed Potion and 25000z
Stepping On Egg Shells Eliminate all Thief Bug Eggs to prevent further infestation. 1 5039.png Rainbow Eggshell and 10000z
Exterminator Extraordinaire Need you to eradicate every last monster hiding in the sewers. 1 2628.png Novice Armlet and 30000z
I Love Gold! Kill the Petite Golden Thief Bug before it can become a threat. 4 7231.png Gold Ore and 35000z
Poison Mushroom Collecting Collect 25 Poison Mushrooms. 1 12076.png Red Mushroom Wine and 35000z

Hidden Objectives[edit]

Objective Name Requirements Rewards
Blood Red Bat Before entering 2nd floor, Injured "man" appears asking for help, head south to fight a Sanguisliar. 1 12099.png Blood Flavored Soda and 35000z
Super Spore After Collecting "too many" mushrooms a Venom Spore will appear, kill it 1 51051.png Gas Mask and 35000z
Extract Body Call for Injured "man" extraction on Nokia after talking to him again. 1 2309.png Coat and 50000z
Completionism Do everything Else, including Timely Execution 1 6457.png +5 Armor Refine Ticket and 60000z