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  • Increased All Classes Base Max HP by (51+Base Level)%
  • Removed +11% Total HP from all Classes and Items
  • Monsters can no longer warp to nyd_dun02
  • Updated kRO and jRO Files


  • Fixed Bullseye in damage test room
  • Fixed Bullseye being removed on skill cast
  • Fixed Acrobatics checking Dodge instead of Sonic


  • Renamed Ferus, Acidus and Novus


  • Noble Cross Now Cast Holy Light instead of Turn undead
  • Noble Cross adds a 70% chacne to blind to Holy Cross
  • Noble Cross gains 3% Matk per refine
  • Celine's Brooch replaced cast time with cast delay
  • Old Parasol Increased Matk from 80+Refine -> 100 + 10*Refine
  • Red Lantern Grants Sight and revealing targets inflicts burning with sight
  • Hurt Mind +200 Max Sp and 20 Sp Recover per 10
  • Kind Heart +500 Max Hp and 50 Hp Recover per 10
  • Evilspirit Gloves Is the combination of Red Lantern, Hurt Mind and Kind Heart
  • Closedmind Box no longer give Bloody Coins
  • Emperium Keys now drop from MVPs and Mini-Bosses
  • Ein Set auto res no longer works under Hell Power
  • Removed High Weapon Box from game
  • Fixed Yore Stone Recipes


  • Fixed BGM, Find the Mushroom, Find Baphomet and Cluckers stopping next event if no one wins
  • BGM now repeats song 3 times before starting next round
  • Properly remove bombs at start and end of Bombring event
  • Fixed Hang on Join Event when no events are running


  • Added 3 more treasure locations
  • Re-Added 4 Old Treasure Locations
  • Emperium Chest is now available again.

Horror Toy Factory[edit]

  • Increased number of bloody coins dropped
  • Increased number of bloody coins dropped further by number of players in instance
  • Enabled HTF merchants


  • Arrow Crafting Red Blood Fire Arrows reduced from 600 -> 150
  • Arrow Crafting Flame Heart Fire Arrows reduced from 1800 -> 450
  • Added Undead Property Arrows
  • Added New Arrow Crafting Recipes
  • Seizing Violet --> 150 Rusty Arrow
  • Shard of Light --> 150 Holy Arrows
  • Dark Will --> 150 Arrow of Shadow
  • Elusive Soul --> 150 Immaterial Arrow
  • Ancient Bones --> 150 Undead Arrows
  • Visceral Clot --> 450 Rusty Arrow, 5 Poison Arrow
  • Pure Radiance --> 450 Holy Arrows, 5 Flash Arrows
  • Abyssal Vessel --> 450 Arrow of Shadow, 5 Cursed Arrows
  • Revenant's Vow --> 450 Immaterial Arrow, 5 Sleep Arrow
  • Ceaseless Life --> 450 Undead Arrows, 5 Cursed Arrows


  • Sonic Blow Cast Delay and Walk Delay reduced.
  • Sonic Blow Damage increases by 10% of targets missing up up to 2x damage.

Soul Linker[edit]

  • Kaizel no longer works under Hell Power
  • Kaizel no longer works on no res maps


  • Stone Skin bonus HP increased from (10*SkillLv*Def) -> (20*SkillLv*Def)
  • Iron Blood bonus changed from (Armor Weight) Max Hp -> ((Armor Weight + Shield Weight)/ 5) Atk

Super Novice[edit]

  • Added 1-1 skills from custom classes


  • Updated Job Quest
  • Added Spiritual Defense Skill Quest
  • Added Soul Shatter Skill Quest


  • Updated Job Quest
  • Empathy no longer works under Hell Power
  • Updated Banish Spirit Skill Quest


  • Updated Job Quest
  • Added Will O' Wisp Skill Quest
  • Added Soul Eater Skill Quest


  • Aimbot no longer targets Mining Deposits
  • Aimbot no longer targets Emperium


  • Added Familiar Quest
  • Fixed 100 Cursed Ruby quest when Lich


  • Remove RNG from Vanir -> make 2% damage mod based on spells learned. 2 of each ele, 7 points each for 28% bonus damage with ele
  • Tier 1 Spells damage changed to (70+(10*SkillLv))% Atk + (80+60*SkillLV)% Matk
  • Impact Crush damage increased from 200-> 400


  • Gulveig now properly grants Freyr's Blessing when triggered
  • [New] Overload: Platnium Skill, Increase Status Chance of Infused skills to 250% before resistance and increase SP cost of the infused spell by 100%
  • [New] Overheal: Platnium Skill, Heal and Arch Heal Grant shield for any HP Healed Beyond Max to 1/2 the remaining heal value. Increasing Heal and Arch Heal SP cost by 10%
  • Venom Bane: Remove Poison and classify as a Tier 1 Spell
  • Shade Comet: Remove Curse and classify as a Tier 1 Spell
  • [Removed] Shine Plasm
  • Force Palm: Stun -> Knock Target back to 4 cells away from you but no more.
  • Grants: Remove Holy Property Armor on buff
  • Acid: When Infused 100% Chance to reduce Def and Mdef by (5*SkillLv) for 30 seconds
  • Serpent Flame: When Infused Reduce Atk by (3*SkillLv)%
  • Charge Bolt: Bonus Int -> When Infused Stun for (SkillLv/2) Seconds
  • Blizzard: 100% Slow -> When Infused (SkillLv*15)% Slow
  • Stone Edge: % Damage -> When Infused Deals (100*SkillLv)% Matk (not capped) to target every 2 seconds for next 10 seconds.
  • Dark Convulsion: Sleep -> When Infused Curse target at a 100% chance
  • Astral Blast: Ghost Property -> When Infused Increase Own Def and Mdef by (3*SkillLv)
  • Unlimited -> Linker Skill + Passive Increases Range By 3
  • Tier 2 Spells damage changed to (75+(75*SkillLv))% Matk and no longer apply status on every cast only when infused
  • Path of Njor: Increase Max Sp by 1% each level of Tier 2 Spells
  • Kvasirs Knowledge: Make Toggle +15% Matk increasing SP cost by 25%
  • [New] Yngvi's Flare: 5x Power of Freyr for a short time (3.5 seconds) instant cast 7 second cooldown
  • Infuse Spell: Gain an Addtional Effect for Each Spell manually cast up to 4, On first Tier 2 Spell cast after maxed stacks Release all stored effects. Status Effects are seperate from Skill Hitting.
  • Prime: Reduce Damage from opposite Prime by 5% for 15 Seconds. (Fire reduces from Earth reduces from Wind reduces from Water reduces from Fire)
  • Neutral: Incrase Matk Scaling by (50*SkillLv)% Per Cast
  • Dark: Convert 5% of Damage into Healing
  • Poison: Increase Spells Bonus Effect by 1 Level
  • Holy: Restore 2% Missing HP and SP per stack
  • Ghost: Ignore 15 of Targets Mdef

Full Patch List[edit]