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The Buccaneer, short "bucca", is a melee class that can outperform most classes in terms of DpS. It has access to some high damage burst melee skills and a variety of item/zeny stealing skills. This class is very gear dependant, but once it reaches a certain edge, it outshines most other classes in raw damage. But it sacrifices almost all survivability for that purpose.

A Bucca's role in partyplay is the classic damagedealer.

Solo play for the Buccaneer is very different depending on how well geared your character is, while this is generally true for all classes, this is especially more radical for the buccaneer.

If you have starting gear, you will find yourself mostly putting points in Agility to be able to dodge attacks, and even intelligence to increase your SP pool, sacrificing important points in STR and LUK, which is perhaps the most valuable stat for pirate classes.

Buccaneers are generally very fragile when compared to other classes due to not having high defensive capabilities and large HP pool, nor having a high bonus to Flee, or an easy way to heal.

With a few gears, such as maximum HP/SP, increased SP regeneration and Flee, the Buccaneer is able to dedicate more points into STR and LUK, which will highly increase its melee damage due to higher base damage and more likelihood to deal critical skills with Pirate Jinx. One of the best ways to get higher HP/SP pools, as well as regeneration is through Ornaments. As for crit, its better to compound Skeleton Soldier cards on your off-hand pistol slots, while saving the slots of your sword or dagger for damage increasing effects.

Alternatively Buccaneers can use bombs to level up, acquired through the Make Bomb skill, however this is uncommon, and less reccomended for Buccaneers than it is for their re-birthed counterpart, the Captain. This path is more expensive due to having to craft or buy the bombs used to attack, with the benefit that you do not need high crit in order to reliably deal damage, and of course, the extra range. Bombs use weapon ATK to deal ranged, usually AOE physical damage to the target, as a buccaneer, you want to achieve as high ATK stat as possible if you plan on using bombs, investing in STR, DEX and LUK; INT its not necessary for this path due to having no SP expenditure, however, as a Captain, you will definitely want to invest many points in this stat due to the Demolition Force skill.

Job changing[edit]

Inside the Inn at Alberta, near the exit to the fields. alberta_in (18 188)

Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Corkscrew An attack with slightly extended range. Knocks back target 2 cells and roots then for 0.25 seconds. 5 Offensive
Savage Blow Attacks the target multiple times. 10 Offensive
Plunder Adds a chance to receive Jewels on every kill. 10 Passive
Merciless Increases damage to Poison and Bleeding targets with Sword or Gun Skills. 5 Passive
Extortion A physical attack that inflicts low damage and Attempts to steal zeny Chance scaling with level difference of you and target monster. You can only perform this move successfully once per monster. 5 Offensive
Make Bomb Crafts a Bomb from materials in your inventory. 1 Supportive
Explosive Expert Allows you to craft More Explosives and Increase Damage with Bombs. 5 Passive
Mislead Swing Down with the sword then shoot a man in the gut. Has a chance of inflicting Bleeding. 5 Offensive
Whiskey Slash Sets Sword on fire with whiskey and cuts target. Weapon becomes endowed with fire for 120 seconds. 10 Offensive
Vengeance Damage increasing with every 3% Hp caster or target is missing, Healing casters HP based on damage. 10 Offensive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Skill Description Type Quest
Jolly Roger Request aid from your ship, hitting an area with cannon balls randomly. Each ball deals 750% atk in a small area. Offensive ...
Bribe Sacrifices 1000 zeny to attempt to negotiate a monster into giving up an item. The item obtained is random, based on the monster's drop rate, and this skill can only be used once successfully on a monster. The success rate is based off item drop rate and level difference between caster and monster as well as Casters Steal Level, and this skill doesn't work on MvPs. Supportive ...