Revenant Platinum Skill Quests

From Project Einherjar

Call Familiar[edit]

Talk to the Gentle Girl at Old Payon (29,95). She will ask you to find her Familiar who ran at Culvert

Get access to Culvert and Culvert instance at Knights Guild in Prontera

Bring 12x Animal Gore

Enter Culvert Instance (prt_fild05 273,213)

Go near entrance of 2nd floor and wait for the speech of young man to finish to get the Blood Red Bat Quest

Walk south and kill the Elusive Drainliar

Then feed the npc with blood (12x Animal Gore)

After that you can exit (using nokia) and claim rewards then go back to Gentle Girl

She will ask for 1 Well Dried Bone

Then she will ask for meats. Give her meat until she is satisfied (approx 200). or you can try other different Meat (Savage Meat, Rotten Meat, etc)