From Project Einherjar


  • Adjusted Pieces of Eight Drop rates per coin type
  • Increased Pieces or Eight base drop chance


  • Can no longer wear Fortune Dagger
  • Reduced Mobs in Draugagrottinn
  • Fixed a few enchantment descriptions


  • Golden Armor is now tradeable
  • Golden Shoes are now tradeable
  • Fixed a bug with Fire Boots Decreasing Speed instead of Increasing
  • Fixed Boots of Wind giving 1/10 Aspd
  • Possible fix to crafted elemental armors


  • Added a New Hillslion pet, thanks to Derpy
  • Added 21 other pets taming items to game
  • Fixed Dullahan Giving Crit Damage instead of Crit Chance
  • Did work backend to help improve patch efficiency
  • Rum can be crafted by double clicking an Empty Bottle with Rum Empire Skill

Weapon Mastery

  • Fixed Swiftness Giving 1/10 Aspd
  • Fixed Onslaught Giving 1/10 Aspd


  • Power Swing now uses weapon element


  • Spectral Power no longer lowers def and mdef
  • Spectral Veil no longer class or self restricted
  • Ethereal Cloak no longer class or self restricted
  • Spectral Veil no longer apply coma
  • Ethereal Cloak no longer apply coma
  • Costume Clown is now Accessible
  • Synchronized with rAthena

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