The rules must be read by everyone, the famous "sorry I did not read the rules" will not work. 
Anything racist, sexual, abusive, or discriminatory anywhere is prohibited, thank you to respect the other players and staff members, many of these will result in be immediate 10 day banning, following a permanent ban. 
The nicknames of your player characters must be correct, any nickname containing a racist, sexual, offensive, or discriminatory is sanctioned. 
Avoid flood and spam. 
Staff members also have a life outside of Einherjar, if an answer is not given to you immediately, be patience. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.
Guild Storage is to be manage by players, if a player raids the storage they will be given a chance to settle in game, should things escalate the player in question will have account suspended for 3 days while stafff reverts all the items obtained.
The accusations of anti play or Cheat must remain private until a member of the staff has confirmed it. Please contact a staff member via PM or @request. 
When speaking to a GM, please use a clean and understandable language. Courtesy and politeness are always the best ways to make your voice heard. 
Of course, it is forbidden to pretend to be a member of the staff. 

Any external software, any form of bot, AHK, Nodelay, WPE, Autopot, Autofeed for homunculus and modification of client to promote your game is strictly prohibited, with a 5 day ban miniimum.
Abusing of glitches or game breaking bugs without reporting them to a member of staff will result in a minimum of a 2 day ban.
Your guild emblem must be visible, it is forbidden to copy the emblem of an existing guild.

Accounts and multi account
Multi account itself is not against the rules, however if its used to abuse a system it can be punished.
Each player is responsible for his account, in case of dispute, nothing will be returned. 
Any account lent and misused will be penalized. 
Avoid using the same password as another game or server. Your old passwords may have leaked. 
The staff will in no way be held responsible for a theft or hack account. 
A staff member will never ask for your password. 

MVP and Mini-Boss are Free for All.
If you dont want other to take your kills use @noks
The leech or afk exp is not allowed. 

The sanctions are left to the free choice of each member of the team, the latter will be the only judge of the sanction imposed. It can range from simple mute to banishment depending on the severity of events.

If you want to question a judgment you think is unfair, you can complain in the forum(soon) or discord where your case can be reconsidered.

Rules are subject to change, any rule changes will be announced, it is the players responsibility to know of rules changes.