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Job changing

Head to Amastu, Enter a mansion on the west side of the city (52, 148)
Talk to Kenshin to become a Ronin

Class data


Skill Description Levels Type
Reflex Guard Gains a chance of blocking any physical attack restoring SP. 10 Passive
One-Handed Quicken Decrease weapon swing delays with one-handed swords. 3 Active
Flash Step Directly teleport to any chosen cell. 5 Active
Draw Strike Teleport to the target dealing damage increased by AGI. 10 Offensive
Blazing Strike Cause your blade to explode with flames dealing damage further increased if target is blinded and/or Fire Blade is active. 5 Offensive
Bushido Increase HIT and CRIT with JOB level. 1 Passive
Art of Kenjutsu The user temporarily gains an ATK boost. 7 Stance
Art of Fudoshin The user temporarily gains a chance to ignore stun/knockback and inflicts stun with Draw Strike and Blazing Strike 7 Stance
Art of Mushin The user temporarily gains the effect of One-hand quicken, move speed and his attacks never misses but loses attack. 7 Stance
Blinding Edge Blinds enemies within 5x5 cells around the user. 3 Supportive
Banisher Increases basic attack range by 1 for skill duration. 5 Supportive

Platinium Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
Moon's Reflection During nighttime, FLEE is increased. 1 Passive ? Moon's Reflection quest
Natural Curing Recover from Stun, Poison, Bleeding and Silence 10% faster. 1 Passive ? Natural Curing quest