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Story / Lore

Only those brave enough to face their own fears were privileged an audience with Lady Hel, the Queen of Dead. Following an ancient dark ritual the Queen herself pierced them through with a Cursed Ruby siphoning all the living matter out and filling their mind and body with the curse and plague... In exchange of their souls Necromancers obtained a forbidden knowledge of Black magic, ability to create the fields of cursed matter, to bind and petrify, to use bones of fallen enemies to summon horrible skeletal creatures, and even to consume the life energy of living beings while curing their own damned bodies. The most advanced of Necromancers may learn how to raise corpses from the dead, and lead their mindless puppets into the battle, though one needs to show its worth to the Lady Hel by fulfilling one of her wishes.

Class summary

Necromancer is a standalone (no rebirth, 99/70) mage-type class featuring a very unique gameplay. This class offers balanced combination of nuke/AoE/debuff and summoning spells.

The most common build archetypes are based either on "mage-necro" or a "summoner" playstyle. First is similar to the classic RO mage class focusing on high MATK values and cast rate, but the interesting part is that besides high INT values Necromancers also favour STR as it gives a significant MATK boost (even more when paired with Lich's Staff - unique 1H-rod available only for Necromancers). In this playstyle summons are used mainly for "meat-shield" while Necromancer is preparing its deadly combo of "Soul Harvest" + "Spirit Rupture". On the other hand, Summoner style is based on utilizing summons as a main damage source. With correct stat-distribution, good positioning, and supportive heals from Evil Land, summoner-type necromancers can be decent MVP and miniboss hunters.

It is also very popular to combine Summoner playstyle with "on-hit effect/spell" equipments and cards due to the fact that every basic attack of the summons is corresponded as if it was Necromancer's basic attack.

Note that this class is quite versatile therefore one can create its own way of playing, like a hybrid between mage and summoner, or even melee version of Necromancer.

In-game character model

Male Necromancer

Female Necromancer

Job Change Guide

Step #1: As a Novice joblevel 10 make your way to Niflheim.

  • You can reach Niflheim by using bungee jump in Umbala (Morroc >> Comodo >> Umbala using Kafra services), or by proceeding through Umbala dungeon: Level1 >> Level2 >> Yggdrasil Root map, follow the paths and just enter the warp at the end of the map.

Step #2: When in Niflheim head North-North-West from the fountain into Niflheim Inn

  • You may need help from other players or some time for kiting since all monsters in Niflheim are aggressive!

Step #3: Enter the 2nd floor and find Arthus, the servant of Lady Hel, and ask for an audience with his mistress. Show no fear when talking to him!

Step #4: Follow the long corridor north, and approach Lady Hel. She will ask to show yourself worthy: you will need to bring 3 Cursed Rubies.

  • Cursed Ruby can be bought from Tool Dealer in Niflheim for 2000 zeny each.

Step #5: Once collected 3 x Cursed Rubies, come back to Arthus and ask to meet Lady Hel again. Show rubies to the Lady, and let her finish the ancient ritual. You will wake up powerless but already as an obedient servant of Lady Hel!

  • On this step you obtain one random item from the Hel's set, this will be your first Necromancer equipment. You can always buy more by talking to Arthus. Note that he doesnt take zeny as payment but Cursed Ruby instead.

Congratulations on becoming a Necromancer!


Necromancer Skill Tree


Skillname Type MaxLevel Requirements Description
Staff Mastery Passive 10 None Increases MATK based on your ATK when using Staves. Min MATK is increased by (STR * SkillLv), max MATK is increased by (STR * SkillLv/6 + SkillLv * 7). Also increases physical damage by (min MATK * SkillLV/50).
Decrease Agility Active/ Debuff 10 None Decreases AGI stat of the target and reduces its movement speed
Dark Binding Offensive/ CC 5 Staff mastery lv3, Decrease agility lv3 Single-target Shadow property spell. Deals up to 500% MATK damage, and if successfully hit applies up to 5 seconds root to the target
Slow cast Supportive/ Debuff 5 Staff mastery lv10, Decrease agility lv5, Dark summoning lv1, Rod/Staff weapon Increases target's cast time by 20% per skill level, consumes 1 Spirit Sphere on use
Magic Mirror Supportive 5 Slow cast lv5 Reflect all magic cast on user back to caster at up to 100% chance. Lasts 3 seconds.
Necrosis Passive 5 None Increases maxHP and maxSP. Adds a small chance of any monster to drop Skel-Bone and Cursed ruby on death.
Dark summoning Supportive 5 Necrosis lv1 Drains 100 HP and summons a Spirit Sphere that are required for certain skills. Increases ATK by 3 per each active Sphere. Spheres last 10 minutes.
Devour Spirit Supportive 5 Dark summoning lv5 Absorbs 1 Spirit Sphere to restore HP. Amount of HP restored is based on skill level and INT.
Leech Life Active/ Offensive 10 Necrosis lv3 Restores an Undead target HP and deals damage to self, or deals damage to non-Undead and restores a portion of caster's HP. The amount of HP restored and damage dealt is based on caster's INT and the skill level. Damage dealt is Undead property.
Evil Land Supportive/ Offensive 5 Leech Life lv5, Staff Mastery lv1, Dark Summoning lv3 Heals Undead allies, and deals damage to non-Undead enemies. Undead and Demon enemies are not receiving this damage nor heals. Applies a small ATK and ASPD buff to healed Undead allies. Consumes 3 Spirit Spheres on use.
Death Pact Passive 10 Necrosis lv5 Increases DEF against Shadow and Demon monsters while Increasing ATK against Angel and Holy monsters.
Raise Skeleton Supportive/ Summon 3 Death Pact lv1, Dark summoning lv1 Summons a Skeleton to a targeted cell that will last for up to 300 seconds. Consumes 1 Skel-Bone on each cast.
Bone Magic Supportive 1 Raise Skeleton lv3 Consumes 1 Skel-Bone to increase the size and power of the next Skeleton summoned.
Soul Strike Offensive 10 None Single-target Ghost property spell. Deals 100% MATK damage miltiplied by up to 5 hits. Undead monsters take additional damage.
Soul Harvest Offensive 3 Death Pact lv5, Dark binding lv5, Staff Mastery lv 5, Dark summoning lv5 Drains small amount of caster's HP to inflict Ghost preperty AoE damage around caster and pull enemies a bit closer. Has a chance of gaining Spirit Spheres on hit (up to max 25 active Spheres at once) and steal some SP from the enemy. Additionally has a chance to apply a "Soul Harvest" debuff on the enemy, lowering their maxSP by 10% and preventing its regeneration.
Spirit Rupture Offensive 5 Soul Harvest lv3, Soul Strike lv4 Drains 1% of caster's HP and SP to deal AoE Neutral property magic damage around the caster pushing enemies away. If the target is affected by "Soul Harvest", this skill removes this debuff but deals an additional damage based of target's missing SP. Consumes all Spirit Spheres though damage is further increased for each Sphere used on cast. Requires Soul Harvest to be cast withing last 60 seconds.

Platinum Skills

Skillname Type MaxLevel Quest NPC Description
Control Dead Supportive/Summon 1 Lady Hel Makes all active summons aggressive. Passively gives a chance to raise a Zombie at 10~20% chance when killing a monster or at 100% chance when killing a player. Zombies have no count limit.
Call Familiar Supportive/Summon 1 N/A this skill is under development


Class Data

Base stats and bonuses

  • At 99 baselevel Necromancers have the following values:

Health Points: ~ 3300 HP
Mana Points: ~ 660 SP
Skilltree: 102 skill levels in total (with 69 skillpoints available at joblevel 70)

  • At 70 joblevel Necromancers receive the following bonuses:
+7 +4 +4 +2 +10 +7

Important info about Necromancer class

  • Necromancers have unique Base Experience table which is a mix of 2nd class (until baselevel 50) and Transcendent 2nd class (above baselevel 50) exp table. That means one will need to obtain ~3 times more EXP to level after baselevel 50 as Necromancer (like any of transcendent classes). No HP/SP/Statpoints boost is provided similar to Transcendent classes receive.
  • Since Necromancers cannot use any transcendent class equipment nor some popular mage-type equipment (like silk robe), they may seem to be quite limited in equipment, but this is not true. Besides having 3 necromancer-only sets of armor they also can use a wide variety of weapons (even some swords, see "Equipment" section).
  • Necromancers possess the following elements on their skills: Neutral/Ghost/Shadow, as well as "Pseudo Neutral" from their minions' attacks (works the same way as normal monster attacks). Spirit Rupture holds the elements of equipped weapon (or Endow/Aspersio/Cursed Water).
  • to be continued...

Stats for nerds (Outdated)

Summon Skeleton

Monster Stat Conversion of Master Stats
Max HP (16 x (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) + Int x 16 + (Vit x 25) + Str x 9)
Str Str + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)
Agi Agi + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)
Vit Vit + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)
Int Int + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)
Dex Dex + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)
Luk Luk
Atk (Int + (Str x 2) + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)) ~ ((Int x 2) + (Str x 3) + ((Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) x 2))
Matk (10 + Int + Str + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv)) ~ (25 + (Int x 3) + Str x 2 + ((Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) x 2))
Def (1 + (Vit / 3) + ((Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) / 9))
Mdef (1 + (Int / 3) + ((Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) / 9))
Hit (10 + (Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) + Dex)
Flee 10 + ((Job Level + 5 x SkillLv) + Agi) / 2

Bone Magic + Summon Skeleton (Big Skeleton)

Monster Stat Conversion of Master Stats
Max HP (32 x (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) + Int x 50 + (Vit x 25) + Str x 32 + 100)
Str Str + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2
Agi Agi + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2 + Int / 2
Vit Vit + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2
Int Int + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2
Dex Dex + Str / 2 + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2
Luk Luk + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1)
Atk (5 + Int + (Str x 2) + Luk / 3 + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2) ~ (15 + (Int x 2) + (Str x 3) + Luk / 2 + ((Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 3))
Matk (10 + Int + Str + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 2) ~ 25 + (Int x 3) + Str x 2 + ((Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) x 3)
Def (1 + Vit / 3 + (Str / 6) + ((Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) / 9))
Mdef (10 + (Int / 3) + ((Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) / 9))
Hit (10 + (Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) + Str / 2 + Dex)
Flee 10 + ((Job Level + 10 x SkillLv - 1) + Int + Agi) / 2

Zombie (Control Dead)

Monster Stat Conversion of Master Stats
Max HP 25 + (15 x Job Level) + (Int x 25) + (Vit x 25) + (Str x 16)
Str Str
Agi Agi + Int / 2
Vit Vit
Int Int
Dex Dex + Str / 2
Luk Luk
Atk (5 + Int + (Str x 2) + Luk / 3) ~ (15 + (Int x 2) + (Str x 3) + Luk / 2)
Matk (10 + Int + Str) ~ (25 + (Int x 2) + Str x 3 / 2)
Def 1 + Vit / 3 + Str / 6
Mdef 1 + Int / 3
Hit 10 + Job Level + Str/2 + Dex
Flee 10 + Job Level + Int/2 + Agi