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Spiriter is an hybrid dps-support class that have control over neutral and ghost elements. A spiriter can turn the tide of battle, giving temporal inmunity to physical or magical skills to their allies, change position with friends or foes and destroy their enemies with psychic powers

Job Changing

Enter the building west of the palace entrance in Old Payon (70, 173)
Talk to Old man to become a Spiriter

At job level 40 Spiriter can change into Esper or Macabre.

Class data


Skill Description Levels Type
Call Spirits Summons on Spirit Sphere each cast. Spirit Spheres are required and used up by some skills. The maximum number of Spheres you can have is determined by the learned SkillLV. Each active Sphere gives +3 ATK with Holy element that never misses. The cast is uninterruptible. 5 Active
Absorb Spirits Uses up all Spirit Spheres and regains 10 SP per sphere. Can be used on another Player's Spheres in PVP. If used against a monster it steals 2 SP per monster level with a success chance of 20%. 1 Active
Foresight Allows the user to see hiding targets for 10 * SkillLV Seconds. 3 Active
Psychic Cutter Close-range magic attack. Hits the target for (130+SkillLV*30)% M.Atk damage as Physical damage. Neutral-element. Element changes with Spectral Power 10 Active
Psychic Slicer Mid-range magic attack. Hits the target for (120+SkillLV*20)% M.Atk damage. Neutral-element. Element changes with Spectral Power. 10 Active
Psychic Burst Mid-range magic attack. Hits the target and all targets in a 3x3 cell range around the target for (140+SkillLV*20)% M.Atk damage. Neutral Element. Changes with Spectral Power. 10 Active
Other Worldly Training Increase Resistance against Formless and Ghost Monsters. 10 Passive
Spectral Power Changes Armor and Weapon Element to Ghost for 20*SkillLV Seconds. Increases M.Atk by (11*SkillLV)%. 3 Active
Swap Changes positions with target. 3 Active
Spectral Veil Gain immunity to magic skills for (2+SkillLV) Seconds. 5 Active
Ethereal Cloak Gain immunity to physical skills for (2+SkillLV) Seconds. Golden Thief Bug Card will remove effect. 5 Active

Platinium Skills

Skill Description Type Quest
Spiritual Defense Increases resistance to Curse by 30% and Ghost Element by 10%. Pasive Spiritual Defense Quest
Soul Shatter Lower M.Def of Target by 15%, also removes these buffs: Spectral Power, Ethereal Cloak, Spectral Veil, Blessing, Soul Link, Kaizel, Kaahi, Kaupe, Kaite, Fusion, Energy Coat, Amplify Magic Power, Assumptio, Steel Body, Critical Explosion, and Grants. Active Soul Shatter Quest

Job Bonuses

Stat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
AGI 2 21
VIT 6 17 28
INT 5 9 20 25 32 37 41 43
DEX 12 29 35 39
LUK 13