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Welcome to the Einherjar Wiki.

We will slowly be adding details of the server here for future use. The server is located here


First class Second class (2-1) Second class (2-2) Trans Second class (2-1) Trans Second class (2-2)
Adept Viking Mystic Huskarl Arcane
Pirate Buccaneer Mercenary Captain Outlaw
Spearman Phalanx Draconier Centurion Dragoon
Samurai Ronin Daimyo Ronin Legend Shogun
Spiriter Esper Macabre Channelor Harvestor
Expanded Class
Official Class Edits
Merchant Thief Blacksmith Rogue Monk Star Gladiator
Future Classes
Druid Valkyrie






Server Events


Item Effect Location
Whip-sword [1] Attack Range +2, Crit +5 + Refine Rate, Crit Damage +2 x Refine Rate, Luk -5, WLv 4, Atk 150, Buccaneer Only Dropped by Drake and Giant Octopus
Tide-Callers Staff [2] Increase Water Property Skill damage by 15%, Matk + 10%, Wlv 3, Atk 35, Adept & Mage Dropped by Giant Octopus
Dracula's Fang [1] 1% chance of gaining 5% of Damage as HP Dropped by Dracula
Kitten's Mittens [0] +7% ASPD, +3 Agi Dropped by Moonlight Flower
Silk Shawl [1] +10% Healing Given, +10% Healing Received Dropped by White Lady
Embalming Fluid [1] +50% HP Regeneration, +25% SP Regeneration Dropped by Osiris
Sharpening Stone [0] Ignore 10% DEF Dropped by Incantation Samurai
Detardeurus Scale [1] Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 5 Provoke on the enemy when attacking Dropped by Detale
Fairy Fire Anklet [0] 10% MDEF Ignore Dropped by Gopinich
Endless Ink Talisman [1] +10 SP gained on Kill Dropped by Evil Snake Lord
Anklet [0] Vit+3, 10% Maximum HP Dropped by Lady Tanee



  • While Hiding or Reflected no longer receive Reflect Damage
  • Added 67 JRO npc Sprites
  • Added 221 JRO Headgear
  • Added 127 JRO Monsters
  • Added 36 JRO Maps
  • Moved Custom Mob Ids to allow for more official monsters
  • Damage Test Room now uses Dummy MVPs, that don't count for Control Panel or @killcount
  • Negative effects now properly disappear client side.
  • Fixed Level 1 elemental resistances table being altered
  • Damage Test Room now has a healer


  • Added 7 Headgear Quest
  • Added 2 new Accessories


  • Adept has another reward -talk to Titania to receive-
  • Master Quest Added


  • Cap Crafting recipe changed from Anolian Skin x25 -> Bear's Footskin x25
  • Diamond Ring recipe changed from Gold x1 -> Gold Ring x1
  • Replaced Elunium with Steel for all Recipes

Weapon Mastery

  • Fixed Exp Spill Over
  • Changed Exp formula from (Multiplier + Bonus)% -> (50 + Multiplier / 2 + Bonus)%
  • Fixed Off hand not lowering main hand bonus


  • Viciousness is now only 30 seconds of agro
  • Tornado Break applies slow to targets on 1st cast and knocks back on 6th cast
  • [Dragon Guard]: As you attack/use skills your dragon companion will attack on your target. (Max 1)
  • [Research Dragons Wing]: Player and Dragon Skills create arcs of lightning that bounces (SkillLv) times between nearby enemies hitting for (SkillLv*50 + Agi*3) flat wind damage, and stunning with Dragon Temper. (Max 5)
  • [Research Dragons Heart]: Dragon Magic removes some ally debuffs and regenerate ((SkillLv/10)% + (Dex * SkillLv / 2)) Max HP with a (3*SkillLv)% resistant to magic for 10 seconds in area of effect. (Max 5)
  • [Research Dragons Shadow]: Dragon Magic Leave a Ground effect that damage over time, scaling with Dragons Max SP and Target Max HP. (Max 5)


  • [Edit]: Aim Bot: Target a monster turning Armshot, Legshot and Headshot into combo skills that can be cast freely at the target at (10*SkillLv) reduced SP cost. Leveling significantly lowers cooldown and SP cost. (Max 5)
  • [Edit]: Arcane Barrage: Toggle increases max ASPD cap to 192 but reduce Base Atk by 25%, drains 1 Sp every second (Max 1)


  • Cleaned up Berserker Rage should work more smoothly
  • Reduce Husky Recovery from (100*SkillLv) -> (50*SkillLv)
  • Increase Helm Splitter base damage from (80*SkillLv) -> (90*SkillLv)%
  • Helm Splitter always applies Aegis Ruin
  • Adjusted Rampage Re-Cast Chance from ((2 * SkillLv + 2 * Berserker + Bleeding) * Axe Count)% -> ((3 * Axe Count + 2 * Berserker + 3 * Bleeding) * SkillLv)%
  • Adjusted Rampage Re-Cast Fail chance from 25% -> 15%
  • Increase Helm Splitter Bleed chance without helm increased from (6*SkillLv) -> (15*SkillLv)
  • Reduce Dying Breath Chance from (5+5*SkillLv)% -> (5*SkillLv)%
  • Hammer of the Gods is now a 3x3 area effect around target.
  • Fixed Hammer of Gods Stun duration from 0.1 -> 2 Seconds
  • Hammer of the Gods stun chance increases by (SkillLv)% per stack of Aegis Ruin on target
  • [Edit]: [Aegis Ruin]: Move to Viking, Passive, All Skills have a (SkillLv * 5)% chance per hit to reduce targets def by 2 stacking up to 20 times (Max 3)
  • [New]: [Tyr's Protection]: Whenever you apply Aegis Ruin gain 1 Def per stack applied for 10 seconds. (Max 1)
  • [New]: [Tyr's Incursion]: Whenever you apply Aegis Ruin gain (SkillLv) Atk per stack applied for 10 seconds. (Max 3)
  • [New]: [War Seeker]: Sacrifice 25% of your current Hp to reduce cast delay by 70% for 60 seconds (Plat, Max 1)
  • [New]: [Baldur's Gift]: Passive: On surviving a hit with Last Stand become immune to most damage for 5 seconds (Max 1)

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