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[[Floating Rates]]
[[Floating Rates]]
[[Weapon Mastery]]
[[Weapon Mastery]]<br>
[[Status Effects]]<br>
[[Status Effects]]<br>
[[Def / Mdef]]<br>
[[Def / Mdef]]<br>

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Welcome to the Einherjar Wiki!

This wiki is community run, and we all do our part to keep things updated with current information.
The main website is located here!

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Custom Changes

List of all the features and changes can be found here.


Custom Classes
First class Second class (2-1) Second class (2-2) Trans Second class (2-1) Trans Second class (2-2)
Adept Viking Mystic Huskarl Arcane
Pirate Buccaneer Mercenary Captain Outlaw
Spearman Phalanx Draconier Centurion Dragoon
Samurai Ronin Daimyo Ronin Legend Shogun
Spiriter Esper Macabre Channelor Harvestor
Expanded Custom Class
First Class Second class Trans Class
Necromancer Revenant Lich
Official Class Edits
Swordman Knight Crusader
Mage Sage Wizard
Merchant Blacksmith Alchemist
Thief Assassin Rogue
Acolyte Monk Priest
Archer Hunter Bard and Dancer
Taekwon Star Gladiator Soul Linker
Future Classes
Druid Valkyrie


Leveling Combat Exploration Crafting

Auto Events
Bounty Boards
Daily Rewards
Floating Rates

Weapon Mastery
Status Effects
Def / Mdef
Aspd / Apm

Treasure Hunting
Waypoints & Warp Gates

Forge Weapon
Forge Armor
Clickable Bottles
Scroll Crafting

Element Changes


Server Events


See Also: Items

Patch Notes

See Also: Latest Patch Notes


  • Fixed a few quests broken in last patch
  • Fixed Speed Calculations


  • Fixed Hel's Ring + Hel's Manteau combo


  • Bullseye now has a self counter


  • Open Graveyard cooldown increased from 0 -> 45-(10*skillLv) Seconds
  • Open Graveyard no longer works in Lich king
  • Shackles of Pain range increased from 9 -> 18
  • Fixed Bone Magic increasing damage per stack
  • Bone Magic no longer increases Def when using earth property armor
  • Fixed Putrification Crashing Server
  • Spirit Rupture now does 25% bonus damage to targets effected by Necrosis
  • Spirit Rupture now recives 250% bonus from Necrosis per cast damage
  • Mirror Magic has no Spirit Sphere cost when in Lich King
  • Lich King Properly Increases ATK and Matk from Skeletons
  • Infective now usable in Lich King

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