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| Anklet [0] || Vit+3, 10% Maximum HP || Dropped by Lady Tanee
| Anklet [0] || Vit+3, 10% Maximum HP || Dropped by Lady Tanee
| More [[Items]]

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Welcome to the Einherjar Wiki.

We will slowly be adding details of the server here for future use. The server is located here


First class Second class (2-1) Second class (2-2) Trans Second class (2-1) Trans Second class (2-2)
Adept Viking Mystic Huskarl Arcane
Pirate Buccaneer Mercenary Captain Outlaw
Spearman Phalanx Draconier Centurion Dragoon
Samurai Ronin Daimyo Ronin Legend Shogun
Spiriter Esper Macabre Channelor Harvestor
Expanded Class

Official Class Edits
Merchant Thief Blacksmith Rogue Monk Star Gladiator Crusader
Future Classes
Druid Valkyrie







Server Events


Item Effect Location
Whip-sword [1] Attack Range +2, Crit +5 + Refine Rate, Crit Damage +2 x Refine Rate, Luk -5, WLv 4, Atk 150, Buccaneer Only Dropped by Drake and Giant Octopus
Tide-Callers Staff [2] Increase Water Property Skill damage by 15%, Matk + 10%, Wlv 3, Atk 35, Adept & Mage Dropped by Giant Octopus
Dracula's Fang [1] 1% chance of gaining 5% of Damage as HP Dropped by Dracula
Kitten's Mittens [0] +7% ASPD, +3 Agi Dropped by Moonlight Flower
Silk Shawl [1] +10% Healing Given, +10% Healing Received Dropped by White Lady
Embalming Fluid [1] +50% HP Regeneration, +25% SP Regeneration Dropped by Osiris
Sharpening Stone [0] Ignore 10% DEF Dropped by Incantation Samurai
Detardeurus Scale [1] Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 5 Provoke on the enemy when attacking Dropped by Detale
Fairy Fire Anklet [0] 10% MDEF Ignore Dropped by Gopinich
Endless Ink Talisman [1] +10 SP gained on Kill Dropped by Evil Snake Lord
Anklet [0] Vit+3, 10% Maximum HP Dropped by Lady Tanee
More Items



  • Increased Curse Resistance from (0.4*Luk)% -> (0.6*Luk)%
  • Increased Curse Tolerance from ((Vit * 0.75) + (Int + Luk) * 0.15)% -> ((Vit * 0.75) + (Int + Luk) * 0.25)%
  • Updated Map to include zhakastia and hu_fild03
  • Updated Custom Job Sprites
  • Fixed the Lever to reach beach_dun04 hanging player


  • Increase Boitata Def from 7 -> 32
  • Increase Boitata Mdef from 36 -> 66
  • Boitata now has MVP drops

Weapon Mastery

  • Fixed Safeguard being able to reduce damage to 0, damage reduction is now capped at (95% - 5)


  • Fixed Dragon Fang Spear crafting recipe


  • Fixed Dragon Rot not applying after learning Monarch's Legend
  • Fixed Conqueror of Detardeurus checking for event version
  • Fixed Typo's in Elemental Assault
  • Elemental Assault will now take on the property of Draconian Nightmare
  • Elemental Weakness will now take on the property of Draconian Nightmare
  • Dragon's Compassion can be cast while player can't cast
  • Dragon's Compassion will now apply Water Dragon's Mantles chance to remove debuff
  • Fixed Typo's in Dragoon's Victory
  • Draconier Quest Properly deletes Brush Items
  • Draconier Quest now saves characters to Neet after equipping Dragonbound and talking to Lloyd
  • Updated all skill descriptions
  • Elemental Weakness bonus damage increased from 5*SkillLv -> 30*SkillLv
  • Elemental Weakness now effects other draconiers as well


  • Fixed Omniblade not dealing damage


  • Fixed Iron Blood not stacking with Stone Skin

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